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Everyone likes to shoot videos, I mean who doesn’t. It lets people relive some of the best moments in their lives. And it is also a great way to share them with friends and family to show them what happened. It could be an overdose of awww cuteness or something really hilarious or even a scenic landscape which takes your breath away.

Videos rule, and there is no denying that. Of course, there are lots of other ways to use videos too. You could make a short film, or make tutorials, or even gameplay videos. Many people do this for a living, on, as you may have guessed it, YouTube channels.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

But not every video looks cool, some are really bad, and some even pixelated, and naturally attract comments which ask if it was a Minecraft camera. That’s funny, but it is true.

How do you make videos look cool? See all those transition effects, and listen to the awesome music, and those gorgeous menus and arrows and other stuff. They make these vloggers look like a real pro. Truth is, not many of them are real pros, some of them have a special team which adds these effects, while others, especially individuals, do have some skill with making an artistic video.

What about the rest of them? Well, they use software, which allows them to edit the videos, so they are really professional to look at. We are taking about video editing software, of course.

While we are on the topic, which video editor do you use? Does it have many features? Is it as full fledged as the one we tested? Meet Corel VideoStudio Pro, and it’s going to rock your world.

The software is another piece of brilliance from the team behind the legendary CorelDRAW suite. Corel VideoStudio Pro comprises of three products: VideoStudio, FastFlick and ScreenCap.

Let’s analyze the software, one at a time. VideoStudio Pro has a UI with a dark theme, which gives it a nice polished and modern look. The interface has three main sections: Capture, Edit and Share.

The Capture tab, is used for recording videos. The left portion of the tab has a video preview window. You can use it to play an entire project or just a clip of the video. It also has options to cut parts of the video, so you can edit out the parts which you don’t want. The timer option lets you jump to any part of the video’s timeline instantly.

The bottom panel of the Capture window, displays the information of video. The right portion on the capture window is used for selecting the source for capturing the video. You can use a camera which is connected to the computer to record the videos.

The other options include using a DV tape, a CamCorder or a DSLR camera which can be used for stop motion animations. The last option, screen capture, actually is a standalone component, ScreenCap, which we mentioned earlier. As the name so clearly suggests, it is allowed to capture what you see on the screen, and record it as a video.

The Edit tab looks similar to the Capture tab, because it has the exact video preview window with the basic editing functions. Below it, is the main editor, with advanced options like adding subtitles, mixing sounds, switching between Storyboard and Timeline View. You can even use the Multi-Camera editor, to edit videos from multiple cameras, so your videos can be seen from various angles. Should you want to disable the noise in the video, you can disable the audio easily.

The right side of the Edit window has a section which is a media library of sorts. You can use it for browsing your videos,create new projects, add various video transitions, a title, or even a graphic (image). There are a lot of special effects in the FX tab, which you can use to make the video look really awesome. This includes anti-shake, denoise and more. The Paths tab is unusual, and lets you draw a path for the video to follow on the screen.

Corel VideoStudio Pro Coupon Code

You can use the toolbar in the top right for sorting the video clips. Likewise, the toolbar also has a zoom bar which can be adjusted with the mouse, and doing so adjusts the size of the thumbnail previews.

This includes anti-shake, denoise and more. The Paths tab is unusual, and lets you draw a path for the video to follow on the screen.

The Share window has a lot of useful options. It actually houses the video converter that Corel VideoStudio Pro comes with. You can use it to convert your videos into formats which can be played on your computer (AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, MOV,), and those which are supported by modern smartphones, video cameras and game consoles.

It also displays the properties of the video, which includes the filename , the filesize, the video’s resolution, the format you chose and the bitrate of the audio.

The left side of the window has the same video player as the other two tabs. And just below it is a smaller section, which displays the output drive, and its capacity, so you know where you are saving your videos too.

The Share Window, obviously has options to share your videos online. The services which are supported in the application are YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo. To publish the video to the service, i.e., to upload it to your account, you will need to login to the specific account and authorize VideoStudio to access your account.

Corel VideoStudio’s third stand alone component is called FastFlick. This is a video creator application, using which you can create movies easily with the built-in templates.

You can also use the application to freeze the frame to capture a screenshot, mask areas of the video, adjust the speed, balance the audio level and more.

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