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Which camera do you use to shoot videos? Let me guess, it’s most probably your smartphone. That is because we always carry them with us all the time, and most often than not, it is actually the only device which we have access to.

Thanks to their portability, smartphones are preferred by most people, than dedicated and professional cameras, the DSLR cameras and even ordinary point and click ones.

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And you can also share videos easily with your friends using your cell phone. Not only that, you can also upload them to YouTube or Facebook, or any other video sharing service too. This is one of the most popular reasons why phones are more important than cameras. A lot of people don’t have access to computer, which are required to upload videos, when sharing videos shot with a real camera.

There is a problem with the scenario which we discussed above. Not all smartphones have great cameras, and not everybody can shoot videos like a pro. Even people with proper cameras often end up taking blurry pictures, or dull videos.

If only there was a way to look the videos look better, and more professional. Don’t you worry about that, for we have just the right solution for this very issue.

The answer is Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, and yes it is from CorelDRAW’s developers. So you know it is going to be of top-notch quality.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate has a beautiful interface with a dark theme, which is easy on the eyes and gives the software a really professional look.

The GUI has three main parts for user friendliness. They are Capture, Edit and Share. You can switch between these by clicking on the buttons on the very top of the UI’s center.

The first tab of of CorelVideo Studio Ultimate, is Capture, and as the name suggests is for recording videos. There is a panel on the left side, which has a video player. This is where you preview the video, and cut sections from it. The timer is actually a time seek bar, which lets you jump to a specific part of the video. It can also be used to play a part of the video, or the entire project.

Just below the video player, is a panel, which has the video’s information. The right side of the screen can be used for selecting the video’s source. This can be an external device, such as a DSLR camera or a CamCorder, or a DV tape.

You can even capture what you see on the screen, with Corel ScreenCap, which is actually a standalone application. This is particularly useful if you wish to make video tutorials on how to use some software, or even gameplay videos.

The Edit Window in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, also has the same video player and basic editing options, but the more advanced options can be found just below it. This allows you to add subtitles, freeze frames, mix sounds, add filters for the audio, mute an audio track, automatically level the background noise during narration, and more. The option for changing to the Storyboard and Timeline Views are useful for editing the video and previewing it.

What’s more cool is the fact that the editor allows you to edit the video from multiple cameras. The Multi-Camera option lets you sync the videos and align them, switch angles,or even add transition effects from all the cameras.

The right side of the Edit tab is where you select the videos and projects. This is also home to a plethora of superb video enhancements. This is where you can add video transition effects like Crossfade, Dissolve, etc), titles, images, etc to your video. The effects, which are actually different to the ones we mentioned above, can be found under the FX tab and allows you to polish up the video with Auto Exposure, Auto Level, Blur and so much more.

The Paths option, lets you add a bouncy effect to the video, and you can even add custom paths as well. The small toolbar on the top right, lets you zoom in and out, which resizes the thumbnail previews, and also sort the options.

The third option in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, is the Share window. Don’t let the name fool you though, it is not just limited to sharing videos. Speaking of which, the supported services are YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Coupon Code

The Share tab comes with a video converter which lets you convert your videos to those supported on smartphones, video cameras, gameconsoles, which use AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, MOV.

Additionally, you can also use it to view the video’s properties such as the audio bitrate, video resolution, the filename, filesize and more. So you can choose which format you want to convert the video into.

The Share tab also has the video player like the other two tabs, but the option below it is different. It is where the output drive is displayed along with how much free space you have.

You can use the toolbar which is standard across all three tabs. This allows you to manage your Library, Points, Cues, Tracks, etc from the Settings menu. The File menu allows you to open, create projects , which also supports HTML5, which is becoming the new standard to replace Adobe Flash.

Corel FastFlick is the other standalone application in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, and lets you make movies using the templates it comes with.

In addition to all these, CorelVideo Studio Ultimate has exclusive bonus Premium Effect Packs which allows you to enhance your videos to a great extent. These include effects from NewBlue FX Video Essentials, ProDAD, and Boris. This includes innumerable filters, presets, effects and more.

Buy Corel VideoStudio Ultimate at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. The software suite is fully compatible with Windows 10 and comes in a 64-bit version.