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We all visit many websites everyday. Each of those have a different look, a different design, a different theme. Some are entirely unique. This is because any website needs a good visual appeal, if it wants more buyers or readers.

How hard is it to design a website? It must surely involve a lot of coding, right. Indeed it does, but how much does that cost actually? Hiring web designers can be very expensive, if not unaffordable sometimes.

Corel Website Creator Coupon Code

Let’s say you hire some designers, and are pleased with their work. But after a few months, you want to change the designs again. Will you spend more out of your pocket every time? Unless you are really well endowed, you shouldn;t. And fortunately, you don’t have to.

This is because, we recommend a premium software, which allows you to do the same job, for a one time price. Meet Corel Website Creator.

Don’t worry about using it. You don’t need any prior experience with coding to build a website, use Corel Website Creator to do the job.

Let’s take a look at the interface of Corel Website Creator. It is very simple, and yet very elegant, thanks to its light themed modern design.

The software comes with a useful toolbar on the top, which sort of reminds us of a ribbon interface we have become familiar with in Microsoft Office.

When you start the program for the first time, you will be given many options, including the option to import an existing website. So you don’t have to start a new website to start using Corel Website Creator.

Corel Website Creator promo code

There is a site wizard, which lets you choose the basic colour theme of your website. The second step is to select the layout, and the kind of pages you want to have on your website, including the Contact page, About us page, and more, which you will need for basic purposes.

The third step is filling in your contact information, so Corel Website Creator, can automatically fill in the information, when you create a new website.

Simply hit the finish button, and save your profile, which contains all the data and settings of your website. Once that has been done, you will see a Structure view, of your website, which resembles a flowchart. You can switch to the Outline view, to view your website’s pages in a folder tree sort of view.

Now, you will be able to use the toolbar on the top. The available options in the first set of ribbons are: Online, Site, Page, Style, Assets, Publish, New Page, Preview, Publish Site.

The Online button allows you to import a website, or create new ones. Site, allows you to manage your existing website.

Page is the option which you will be working mainly with, for it contains a lot of options. To the left and the top, you have a ruler indicating the position of your mouse’s cursor. On the left side, you have two panels by default, an image bank and custom components. Likewise you also have some panels on the right edge. You can choose which panels appear on the sides, from the View menu. There is a pin button on the panels, which let you stick the panels to the sides, and auto hide them, when they are not in use.

Page also has a main workspace, where you can input the text content of the web page, the title, image placeholders, and more.

Style, as the name suggests is the option, which lets you choose the design and colors of your website’s banners, text, links, and other content. There is a whole lot of customization to choose from.

Assets is the option to manage your pictures, logos and more. These are the core of your website’s asthetics. Publish, does exactly what it is named after, to publish your content.

Likewise, the New Page option, is used to create a new web page. Preview lets you view what the web page will look like, before it is publicly available. Publish Site, is used for making your new website go live.

The second set of ribbons have the following options: Select, Zoom In, Text, Picture, Video, Link, Table, Layout Region, TabTop, Navigation, Rectangle and Shopping Cart.

These options can be used to select your content, zoom in on a selected area, and insert the various forms of media mentioned above.

You can quickly switch between the various sections, using the Go menu on the toolbar. The Object menu can be used for inserting objects, managing their alignment, size and more.

Corel Website Creator comes with a built-in spell check tool, and a word counter tool, which is useful to know the number of words your webpage has.

Adobe Flash is almost dead, and that is not a bad thing at all. Most websites which use Adobe Flash put their visitors at risk. This is because, Flash is one of the most, if not the most critically vulnerable software. It has been targeted by malware attacks so many times, that it has forced Google, Microsoft, Mozilla to almost end support for Flash.

Instead, what is being considered as its replacement for the new standard, is HTML5. YouTube has already switched to it, and so are a good many popular web services, and websites.

The good news is that Corel Website Creator, has built-in support for HTML5. This applies to HTML5 Video and Audio too, and you can simply drag and drop content to the UI of the program to insert the respective media to the web page. You can even add YouTube and Vimeo content to your website too.

Adding image galleries is old stuff, what you need is an image carousel, complete with captions. Corel Website Creator comes with support for web fonts, CSS 3, XML, and Javascript content.

Corel Website Creator is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows 7 and above, and this includes full support for Windows 10.

Buy Corel Website Creator at a very affordable price, and save with our exclusive discount code. It is the only software you will need for creating a professional website.