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We live in an online world today, where YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu and the like have replaced TV or even the cinemas, as our primary means of video entertainment.

But it does not apply to every user. That’s because not everyone can afford a recurring Netflix subscription, even though it is quite reasonably priced. This is mostly because a lot of people are still using limited data plans for their internet, which is usually a broadband connection.

This means that not only are the speeds often quite slow, but the data cap on the plans leaves little to spare for their other needs, like social neworking or emails and chatting.

So, the only way that people tend to catch up on their favorite movies and TV shows, are by using good old digital media, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. This is actually a great way to relive your favorite movies, dialogues etc.

Nothing relaxes me more than sitting down with a DVD of a sitcom like Friends or The Office. You can get DVDs of entire seasons or in the case of older TV shows, the full set of all seasons in a boxed version.

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Also DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are often quite inexpensive, and the fact that they account for re-watchability is truly a superb bonus.

Now, what exactly do you use to watch these discs with? Physical DVD and Blu-Ray players are becoming obsolete. And they are not exactly portable that you can carry around and watch them whenever you want. But with a laptop which has a disc player built-in, or a USB powered one, you can watch the discs wherever you are, even on a flight.

The next part is actually the more complicated one. What DVD or Blu-ray player software do you use for your entertainment needs? Windows Media Player or one of the free video players available on the internet? If so, you will be aware that they don’t play all formats well, or have a clunky UI, or in worst cases ad-ware bundled along with the installer.

So, which is the best DVD and Blu-Ray Player software? We are glad you asked, and we can recommend WinDVD Pro for this very purpose.

This professional looking software comes from the house of Corel, so rest assured, quality is guaranteed.

What makes WinDVD Pro special? Let’s find out. What better way to start than by analzying the UI of the application?

The interface has a dark theme, with the main screen displaying the various types of disc formats the video player is capable of playing, including AVCHD, AVCREC, BDXL, Blu-ray Disc, BonusView, BD-Live and Blu-ray 3D. Additionally it supports every known video format including FLV, QuickTime, Windows Media (WMV), DVD-Video, MPEG, MTS, M2TS, MKV, MP4, 3GP, to name a few.

The GUI of Corel WinDVD Pro consists of three sections. The middle part which takes the most area, is the actual video player area, where the video is displayed.

Right-clicking anywhere in the UI, displays a context menu, which allows you to Title, Chapter, Subtitle, Closed Caption, Audio, and Angle. The second part allows you to switch to fullscreen, and zoom in or out. The third part of the menu allows you to enable shuffle or repeat the media.The fourth part is for viewing and managing your playlist, while the end of the list lets you view the Preferences tab.

Just below the video player UI, is a seek bar. This displays the current time position of the video you are watching and it can be used to jump to any time of the video.

The bottom of the interface is home to a toolbar, which has the various media control buttons. It includes a mute button and volume slider, next to which is a folder icon which can be used to navigate folders on your computer to load a video. Clicking on the icon lets you choose between a file, playlist, disc folders or a disc.

Adjusting the volume displays an OSD (On-screen display) of the volume’s status. The OSD also appears when you Play or Pause a video too. Should you find it distracting, you can disable it from the program’s settings.

The media control buttons from left to right (besides the volume controls) are jump tp previous file, rewind, play/pause, fast-forward, and jump to next file.

The 3D button, is an interesting one, for it houses settings for converting regular videos, i.e., 2D (two-dimensional) ones to three-dimensional videos. This option is only available for videos of Standard Definition (480p) or above including High definition (720p HD).

The wrench and screwdriver icon opens a small menu which allows you to save bookmarks, capture screenshot or record a portion of the video, and audio and video enhancements. Of the latter, the Audio section has options to select the playback device, audio effects, karaoke, and equalizer.

The video section lets you select video effects, color, aspect ratio, and time stretch settings.

To the very end of the toolbar is the full screen button, and an eject button, which is useful for taking out the disc from your computer’s dvd player.

WinDVD Pro can play audio formats as well, including MP3, WAV, and audio CD files. WinDVD comes with a superb addition called Corel FlixFinder, which lets you search for videos online. This lets you view videos neatly categorized, with pricing information, and more.

You can set WinDVD Pro as your default media player, after you install it, or later from the settings.

Note: Windows 10 users will need to set the defaults from the operating system’s Settings app.

The application was able to play any movie we threw at it without any hassles.

Buy Corel WinDVD Pro at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Remember, the software can play all of your video formats, not just DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.