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Office Software Suites, chances are that many of us have used them for both official and personal work at sometime during our life. This may be your educational work like assignments, projects, or even basic home uses like invitations, preparing budget charts, and the like.

Most users tend to use popular premium software which are really expensive or require subscriptions on a monthly/yearly basis. That puts a considerable burden on our wallets.

People who wish to bypass this problem opt for free office software. We have personally seen many users even using office software which had ad-banners in the application. This is the price you pay for “free”.

WordPerfect Office Home and Student Edition coupon

What’s even worse is that such software is they are not very user friendly, and have clunky and cluttered interfaces. And they are not very well optimized to run on the latest computers, and cause lags and end up crashing while you are working on a document.

Also, many of these features are not even used by the average user, which adds up to the confusion. Wouldn’t it be better if there was an office suite with the essential functions alone? It also has an added advantage, because such a piece of software could be more affordable.

Wondering which software we are talking about? Why, it is none other than Corel WordPerfect Office Home & Student Edition. A product from the developers of CorelDRAW should intrigue your attention, and let us explain why.

You may have guessed from the name, that the software is obviously intended for Home users & Students.

There is a reason for this, as it only comprises of features that you will actually use. After all what you are looking for is basic computing and document formatting. But the office suite is indeed capable of some advanced features which adds to the value.

The software’s interface considerably adds to the user friendliness factor. The Word processor application is the main program in the suite, and consists of three main sections.

First is the white coloured area, which is the editor. This is where you input the text, format it, add images and more. You could say it is your primary workspace.

It is surrounded by a margin box, and on top of the workspace, there is a title box, which can be useful if you are giving a heading for the chapter, or you could put page numbers in. These boxes can be deleted should you wish to, from the layout options.

There is a ruler bar above the margin, which can be useful if you are working with real life page dimensions (like an A4 sheet), which will make the document printer friendly.

For formatting the text itself, you can use the toolbar above the ruler bar. It has options for changing the text into Bold, Italics, as well as add Underlining. You can indent the text using the justification option, or if your project requires you to have symbols in it (say for a Math assignement), you can do that as well.

The top portion of WordPerfect Office has a larger toolbar with a plethora of options. They are divided into small sections, with each area housing a set of shortcuts related to a category of options.

The first set is for your file management options, including opening, saving documents etc. Next up are shortcuts for adding images and objects to the documents. Should you wish to add text boxes to the file, you can do so from this section, and also highlight a specific part of the document.

Sometimes we have to make the document look professional by using bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc. WordPerfect lets you do this from the toolbar, in fact you can also add columns and tables from the same section of the bar.

No word processor is perfect without a spell checker, and WordPerfect, which has perfect in its name, is indeed of top quality, thanks to its brilliant Spell Checker Tool. Corel has also included its famous grammar checking tool, called Grammatik in WordPerfect.

WordPerfect Office Home and Student Edition promo code

If you want your document to contain rich vocabulary, you can use the Thesaurus and Dictionary, options which will assist you in your task.

The WordPerfect Office Home and Student Edition is not limited to opening DOC and WPD files alone. It supports 60 document formats including DOCX, PPTX, XLSX. This means you don’t need to have Microsoft Office to open and save these formats.

A great bonus for students who wish to read ebook files on their computers, is that WordPerfect Office has native support for PDF files. You can also save your documents to a PDF file, if you have to submit it in the said format.

WordPerfect Office comes with a professional image editor, called AfterShot, which even allows you to edit RAW format images, which you take on modern smartphones and digital cameras. The same applies for HTML5 format too.

The office software suite features three extra applications called Quatrro Pro, Presentations, and Lightning.

The first of the three is your Microsoft Excel alternative which can be used if you are working with graphs, charts, spreadsheets and more etc. Presentations is a Microsoft Powerpoint replacement which lets you make slide-shows.

WordPerfect Lightning is a note taking application, which allows you to pen your thoughts with ease. These applications can be opened from the toolbar in WordPerfect Office.

The application suite has a very cool editor, which uses HTML-tag like commands, called Reveal codes. This utility can be accessed right from the workspace and lets you format parts of the documents more easily.

We found the document saving option to be quite impressive, thanks to the ability to save a file in multiple formats at once. This eliminates the need to have a document converter software handily installed on your PC.

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