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Regardless of what kind of jobs we are working in, most of us all have had times when we use some kind of a word processor, to type some documents. Usually this is a professional office suite with a lot of complicated options, which you need for basic formatting.

That’s sad isn’t it? And to make it worse, most of these professional software suites are incredibly pricey. So the average user cannot even afford them. This naturally means that the user will look for cheaper alternatives, often ending up using free ones,

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which come with ads, yes advertisement banners.

Some of these free word processors are not well designed, and lack many useful options too. So, you would do better if you avoided such software, and instead go for a premium quality suite.

Which one will you opt for? Allow us to help you decide, with Corel WordPerfect Office Standard Edition.

The name should sound familiar, for the software comes from the developers behind the popular graphics suite CorelDRAW.

So, why is Corel WordPerfect Office Standard Edition superior to its rivals. Let’s take a look at its features and find out, shall we?

The interface of WordPerfect Office is very simple, which also makes it very easy to use. The central part of the UI is the work area, where you work on your documents, so you may call it the editor or word processor area. It also has options to add borders and a title.

Just above this work area, in the ruler bar, which lets you work with the document’s dimensions. You can find the toolbar above the ruler bar useful for formatting your text. It contains the font style, size options along with basic text formatting settings such as Bold, Italics, Underline, etc.

It also lets you choose the justification, aka the alignment of the text, select symbols and more.

The toolbar at the very top of the interface is divided into different sections. This includes your file management options like opening and saving docs, editing options like cut, copy, paste, undo and redo, zooming options. The next section lets you insert images, draw objects, etc to polish up your document, and also has options for creating text boxes and highlighting parts of the file.

You can use the next part of the toolbar to add bullets lists, numbered lists, columns, and entire tables to your document. The book icon is the built-in spell checker option in WordPerfect Office, and actually consists of a spell checker, Grammatik (Corel’s grammar checker), Thesaurus and Dictionary.

You can use the menubar on top of WordPerfect’s UI to access the more powerful functions of the software.

Corel WordPerfect Office is not limited to creating and editing WPD files alone. It supports a total of 60 formats. You can also view and edit Microsoft office files such as DOC, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX too. This is highly useful in case you wish to share the documents in MS Office formats with your colleagues, clients,etc.

WordPerfect Office supports saving documents in HTML5 format too, and you might have heard of this because it is one of the most popular formats currently used by many websites. What we found to be pretty impressive is that WordPerfect can save a document to multiple formats at the same time.

You can use WordPerfect Office to create PDF documents too, that’s right. And whatsmore important is that you can create PDF forms, which are fillable, complete with text fields, check boxes, drop-down lists, font customization and more.

Corel WordPerfect Office Standard Edition comes with a plethora of additional applications. This includes Quattro Pro, Presentations, WordPerfect Lightning, QuickFinder, WordPerfect Conversion Utility, Clipbook, and WordPerfect View.

Quattro Pro is an Excel alternative used for creating spreadsheets, lists, charts, graphs, etc. Similarly Presentations is a Powerpoint alternative for creating slide-shows and drawings.

WordPerfect Lightning is a rather useful tool, which allows you to take notes, and also lets you view Microsoft Word and WordPerfect documents.

All three applications can be launched by clicking on the small rocket icon in WordPerfect’s toolbar.

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QuickFinder is an optional add-on application, which allows you to search files using different methods including file patterns, words, phrases, dates, or index entries.

Want to change a document from one format to another? That is just what the WordPerfect Conversion Utility is for.

Editing documents can be a cumbersome task, which involves typing a lot. This is why we use the copy and paste functions more often than we do with other applications. But sometimes, we may copy over a useful line, and overwrite it with something else. So, you will have to retype the whole thing again.

No, you don’t have to do that now, thanks to Clipbook. This useful utility stores multiple clipboard items, which are literally unlimited in number. It saves you a lot of time.

Some people prefer viewing documents right in the web browser. This is especially the case when we get a document in the email. WordPerfect View is a small tool, which lets you view documents in your browser.

Corel WordPerfect Office Standard Edition runs on 64-bit PCs, and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. In fact, it also has an add-on called WordPerfect Office Filter, which lets Windows search inside WordPerfect Office documents. It supports multiple monitors, comes with a lot of templates, and lets you work with multiple documents at the same time, making multitasking a breeze.

The WordPerfect eBook publisher lets you save books in MOBI and ePub formats which can be used for publishing books with various ebook services. WordPerfect comes with Corel’s renown Reveal Codes functionality which grants you the ability to edit documents using a small window, with HTML like tags used for formatting the text.

Buy Corel WordPerfect Office Standard Edition at the best price, and save with our exclusive discount code. Its compability with Microsoft Office products, PDFs, etc make it more than a value for money purchase.