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Projects, the word is really important in our work life, especially if you are into the manufacturing business. For it is a way to make our professional dreams become a reality. It is not an easy task though. Projects require a lot of planning. And not to mention,creativity. It is the core behind every successful piece of work.

It is by these means that you come with a design for a project. The same logic applies to manufacturing as well. Take whatever tool or piece of equipment which has been manufactured, and you will observe that it has been designed with precision in mind.

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How do manufacturers make such products? It’s not done just with the press of a button, at least that is not the first step. The primary step, is to design the actual product. The simplest way to do so, is by drawing it. And you can’t just do that on paper, and say okay let’s do this.

Instead, it is done with the help of professional drawing software, on computers. This process is called as CAD. It stands for Computer aided drafting. Do you know the plans that builders used for constructing buildings? It is called a blueprint, a CAD is somewhat similar, except for one major difference.

While blueprints are usually 2D (two dimensional) and paper based drawings, CADs can be done in both 2D and 3D (three dimensional). This is very helpful, to analyse the product you will be manufacturing, in every angle. This in turn helps perfect the design, and correct any flaws whatsoever.

Another advantage in constructing digital designs is the ease with which you can make corrections, And you can also use an existing CAD, and simply use it to create a new one by improving the design, instead of starting from scratch.

Now that you have an idea of why a CAD is very important, it is also equally important to decide which software will you use for drawing CADs. Not every CAD software is suitable or well designed as the one we can recommend.

Meet CorelCAD, another professional drawing software from COREL, the developers of CorelDRAW and Painter.

So what makes it special? Let’s start by looking at the interface of the program.

The interface is very beautifully designed, and is host to a plethora of tools. On the very top left of the GUI, you will find a drop down menu which lets you switch between three primary options: 3D Modeling, Classic Default, and Drafting And Annotation.

Switching to either of the three will change the UI’s options into one which will have all the corresponding tools, for that specific subset.

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Right next to this menu, is a small toolbar, called the quick access toolbar are some icons for basic file oprations including create new drawing, save Print, Undo and Redo. Clicking on the small downwards arrow button in the right of this toolbar, allows you to customize the shortcuts you wish to see or delete from it.

Just below this bar is the actual menu bar which consists of the following options.

File – Lets you create new drawing, open exisiting ones, save it, etc
Edit – Cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, erase
View – Has options for changing the views for Pan, Zoom, Tiles, 3D View, Animated Rendering
Insert – Can be used for adding Reference Drawings, Images, Underlays and more.
Format – Consists of Layer management Tools including DGN, PDF layers, and also lets you manage settings related to Line (Color, Style, Weight),Styles for Print, Text, Point, Richline, etc
Dimension – Lets you create Smart, Aligned, and Linear dimensions, and also the Radius, Circle, etc along with options for Aligning Text, Oblique
Draw – Has options for drawing lines, and various shapes.
Modify – Houses some advanced image editing options and 3D operations
Constraints – Lets you create and manage geometrical, dimensional and dynamic contraints
Tools – This is where you will find the software’s settings, along with options to add and run scripts, view the drawing’s properties, change the display order and more importantly the Plugin Manager.
Solids – Lets you draw solid objects (3d spheres, boxes, etc) and also edit them
Window – Switch between horizontal or vertical tile view, or cascade.
Help – Lets you view the support documentation for using the software.

Just below the menu bar is a toolbar consisting of shortcuts for the various options of the program. The Layer manager toolbar is placed just below the main toolbar, and right below it is the Constraint toolbar.

You can right click anywhere in the toolbar or menu bar areas, to customize the options you wish to see in CorelCAD’s UI.

Well, that’s an incredible number of options there, isn’t it? Want even more? We got you covered. Look at the left side of the program and you will find a sidebar. Technically there are three columns of tools, so it looks like you have three sidebars. They allow you to choose from a variety of advanced drawing options.

The center of the UI consists of a large portion, called the workspace. This is whee you create your drawings and also edit them. If you look at it more closely, you will see a small set of tabs in the bottom left of the workspace area. This lets you switch between the model view, and sheet view. The former is your main preview area, while the others are primarily for designing and editing the drawings.

It looks very similar to Microsoft Excel, and speaking of which CorelCAD offers full support for tables including cell, row and column management.

To the far right side, there is a property window, which displays the information of the drawing you are working on. CorelCAD supports almost every CAD fromat including R12, DWG, DWS and DXF formats. It also lets you import CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER files (CDR and DES). In fact you can connect to a 3D printer, and use CorelCAD to 3D print any prototype of the project you are working on.

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