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Do you feel secure because you have an antivirus installed on your computer? Are you certain that hackers can not see what you are doing or typing? Attackers use a variety of techniques including keyloggers and screenshot capturing to spy on people. And if your antivirus does not have the spyware’s signature in the database, you are not secured from such issues. Even behavioral blockers are often ineffective, as the program would think the user is performing the action.

So, what do you do to prevent this. We suggest using an advanced form of security like Covert PRO. It is more than an application, it is a secure antispyware platform.

This may be the only time, where I was actually impressed with the interface of a software’s installer. The Covert Pro setup displays a pie chart of the hard drive’s used space and free space, allowing you to select whichever partition you want to install the program in. This interface is similar to the actual program’s color theme.

The GUI of Covert PRO is incredibly colorful, but it is also very user friendly. The interface is divided in to 7 sections. The first of these is the tile section, and as we just mentioned, each tile has a different color. There are 12 tiles in the quick launcher, each of which can be customized to run a program of your choosing. I have left some of the numbers unassigned to show that they can be customized.

To assign a program to it, click the number, and browse to the location of the exe, and select it. This will run the selected program within the Covert PRO secure mode, and yes you can use Windows’ built in programs like Internet Explorer, Skype, Paint, etc.

Click on the Covert icon, to enter the secure mode. Now you can run the applications which you assigned the shortcuts for, and use them without worrying about your security. You can also click on the Starting Programs option to select a program.

Next is the driver monitor, which lists all of the drivers installed on your computer, in the same window. You can use it to see which drivers are active, all drivers, recheck the list, search for a specific driver from the sidebar. It also has an option which allows you add a driver or delete one from the allowed or threat databases, and save them.

You can view the system processes in Windows by selecting the System processes option, end a specific process, view system processes or hidden processes, and also add processes to the database threats, or process termination options. Similarly you can use the Monitor DLL option to view the active DLL, all DLLs, search, add or delete them to the allowed or prohibited databases.

All of the above options list the file name, handle, file path, display name, company, description, digital signature, date and time they were created, and the data (whether it is a system component or not).

There is a built-in Instant Messenger in Covert Pro, which can secure your messages by encrypyting each conversation, with a unique key. Using it is very easy, all you have to do is ensure your contact is also using the program. Then select the Secure Messenger option, which opens a new window. Here you can add a contact by right-clicking on the left sidebar called the Contacts tab, or the top of the window from the settings menu.

You can assign an avatar to your contact, use the unique id to enter the contact address, assign a name, and a unique encryption key to begin chatting. Your contacts will be listed on the left pane, while you can use the message text window on the bottom of the central pane to input a message and send it. The message will appear on the right pane with a yellow envelope icon, which is when you can edit or delete the message. Once the icon disappears along with the message, it means your contact has read the message. You can view the message history on the center pane like any other IM.

You can create multiple platforms, represented by their unique Login ID, to prevent malware. The internal protection mode can be used in three modes depending on how you want the applications to run in the platform. When you run Covert Pro in its covert mode, the application switches to a full screen secure environment, from where you can run your programs in a protected manner.

Let’s say a hacker has managed to breach your system via a malware, he can record your screen activity via a screenshot, or record keystrokes using key loggers. But in the Covert Secure platform mode, such actions are not possible, as the malware is nullified, since it has no access to it, so the hacker gets no information to spy on or steal. This is the kind of new level of security, which Covert offers. Covert Pro also protects against background sound recording, so your computers microphone or speaker audio is not stolen by spyware.

The settings option in the program, can be used to configure the quick launcher, to clean the launcher of all the assigned shortcuts, or to set the language of the program, and also to enable sounds, and tips.

Covert Pro Coupon Code

Covert Pro’s Network Monitor lists all the programs which have access to the internet. You can terminate unwanted applications from this section. The Database threats displays list of known dangerous malware recognized by the program’s internal database. You can add/delete items to this database.

The Clipboard in Covert Pro allows you to see how much resources are used by the internal buffer, i.e. the load, while the other graphical bars below it, show the percentage of the CPU load and the Platform load. It will be higher when the PC is running many programs, and also when Covert Pro is running more applications in the platform.

Download the demo version and give it a try, we are sure you will like Covert Pro for its unique security methods.

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