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Covert Pro USB Coupon Code

Ever wondered how a hacker can steal data or record key strokes from a computer which has an antivirus installed on it? That’s because traditional antivirus programs do not know the difference between a user initiated action like recording the screen, which can be done using legitimate programs, but can also be done remotely by a malware.

So, how do you prevent such risks? We recommend trying an entirely different approach to this. You should try Covert Pro USB. This program is unlike any other security software, in that it does not rely on behavioral scanner or traditional real-time antivirus products. Think of a secure location on your PC, which runs the programs you want inside it, away from the reach of malware. That is exactly what it is capable of.

Covert Pro USB is not just an antispyware application, it is also a portable one. That means you can carry it around on a USB flash drive. So, in a way you can use it on public computers, at work, at home, and everywhere you go. Also, if you have multiple computers you don’t even have to install Covert Pro again on each PC, just plug in the USB and use the program.

You are probably wondering, what is the difference between Covert Pro and Covert Pro USB? Except for the portability factor, there is no other difference. Let’s explore the features of the application.

To begin with, Covert Pro USB has a user friendly interface, which is quite a bit colorful. There are 12 buttons on the top of the window. This is the quick launcher, which you can customize by assigning clickable shortcuts for your frequently used applications. To create a shortcut, select a numbered area in the launcher, navigate to where the program which you want to run has its EXE stored, and set it.

You can use it for third-party applications like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Office, Skype, etc and for system applications such as Notepad, Internet Explorer, to name a few.

There are 7 other sections on the Covert PRO USB interface. The one directly below the launcher, is the Platform mode. You can see a large Covert logo here with three mode buttons. Click on this button, and the program will run in a full screen environment, which is secure. You can use the applications from the launcher here, and work on them securely. What’s more, you can actually have multiple platforms, to make it even more sophisticated for malware to attack. Speaking of which, since this is a secure environment which is inaccessible by other programs, even the most powerful malware cannot breach it.

To the top right corner, you have the Driver Monitor, which allows you to see all the drivers installed in Windows. You can use the filter option to see which of the installed drivers are active, and refresh the list. You can also search for a driver using the text box. Let’s say you have a driver which looks suspicious, you can add it to the threat database box. Similarly you can also whitelist drivers to the allowed database.

There are similar sections for viewing the System Processes and Monitor DLL, which can be used to see all processes or DLLs, the ones which are active, ones built in to the system, search for specific ones, whitelist or blacklist them in the allowed and prohibited databases.

The common factor in all of the three sections, is that you can use them to view the name of the file, its handle, file path, display name, company, description, digital signature, date and time they were originally signed and if it is a system component (data). You can use these information, to see if any suspicious programs are running in Windows, and where they are located in the system. And even if there are malware, you can use the secure platform to run any programs safely without worrying about your privacy.

Covert Pro USB Coupon Code

The next section is the really interesting part in Covert Pro USB, the Secure Messenger. This is an actual instant messenger, which you can use to communicate securely with your contacts. You can set a unique encryption key for every contact, and assign a name, avatar for them. The messages which you type in the window’s central pane, appear in the right pane with an envelope icon.

They disappear from the pane when your contact has read the message, and appear in the middle pane aka the conversation window. During the time a message is on the right pane, you can quickly edit or delete it. No other messenger can boast such a level of privacy and security.

The Network Monitor in Covert Pro USB, can be used to see which programs are currently using your internet connection. So, in case you have an application calling home, you can terminate the program. And yes, there is a threat database here as well, which you can customize.

There are three bars in the interface’s bottom right corner, representing the Clipboard, CPU, and the Platform. These show you how much resources each component is using, so if you have copied something to the clipboard, or are running multiple applications, the bars will show how much percentage of memory, processor load is being used.

Another noteworthy feature in the application, is that it also prevents sound recording which some malware may attempt, when the microphone is used, or when the speaker’s volume reaches a certain level.

Covert Pro USB can run on almost any computer running Windows, it just needs 90MB of storage space, and 128MB of RAM. We tested it on our Windows 7 and 10 systems, and it works fine.

Give the free limited version a try, and prepare to be impressed with it. The level of security that Covert Pro USB offers is unmatched by any antivirus.

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