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While CyberGhost provides a free version of its popular VPN service, you encounter significant wait times when connecting to servers along with no control over the country or location that you want to establish a connection to. Opting for a premium subscription, however, foregoes all of the annoyances associated with the free version, where you can select from between 600 of the fastest CyberGhost servers around the world and establish connections on various platforms in addition to Windows. Further, you get access to various tools — ad-blocking, privacy protection, malware protection, etc. — unique to the premium version that you can use to customize your VPN connection.


To make matters easy, CyberGhost uses a VPN client to establish connections with available servers; the VPN client works on major platforms that include Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS. While you can establish a VPN connection by simply signing in with your premium user credentials and clicking the “Connect” button, you can further customize your connection by manually selecting between available servers and toggling on various options such as Prevent Online Tracking, Ad-Blocker, Data Compression, etc. When establishing a connection, the CyberGhost VPN Premium client initially displays your real location in world-map view — reminiscent of Google Maps — and then marks your new location as confirmation.

In all instances, the VPN client uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol to establish your connection, where all incoming and outgoing traffic gets encrypted with the AES 256-bit encryption standard; OpenVPN’s firewall friendly nature, network stability, encryption support, and negligible speed loss let you establish fast and secure connections even on networks with high latency. If you are an advanced user, you can also opt to connect via alternate tunneling protocols such as IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP by directly configuring network settings.

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Privacy Protection

CyberGhost VPN Premium features anti-fingerprinting technology that preserves privacy when surfing the Internet by anonymizing your connection with fake identifying data, thereby preventing websites that track your online activity from gaining a lock on you; in instances where you don’t want to hide your identity, you can make use of an exclusions list built-in to the VPN client to whitelist certain websites and tracking sources. Further, the inclusion of a built-in content blocker further bolsters your privacy by deactivating social media plugins and blocking known tracking websites.

Protection Against Malicious Websites

Since the Internet’s rampant with fraudulent websites that are out to trick you into stealing information and planting malware on your computer, CyberGhost VPN Premium gives you the option to automatically block malicious content and known phishing sites. Further, the inclusion of a “Force HTTPS” option lets you forcibly load the secure version of a website — if available — so that you can make purchases without worrying about stolen information over unprotected connections.

Blocking Advertisements

CyberGhost VPN Premium foregoes the need to install individual add-ons across Web browsers by doubling up as an all-in-one ad-blocker. By turning on the “Ad-Blocker” option before establishing your connection, you can block a range of advertisements including text ads, banner ads, and video ads. Since advertisements are blocked on a system-wide level, ads that are featured within applications are also blocked, which makes it an ideal for solution for mobile devices where certain “free” apps are notorious for displaying numerous advertisements.

Saving Mobile Data

Since exceeding your monthly cellular data allotment can cause you to incur additional charges, CyberGhost VPN Premium gives you the option to cut down on data usage significantly. By compressing Web content on the server-side, you can drastically reduce mobile data usage. Just enable “Data Compression” before creating your VPN connection to automatically take advantage of this feature.

Gaining Extra Speed

While the premium version gives you access to the fastest servers available, you can always specify the VPN client — turn on the “Extra Speed” setting — to automatically switch to the next fastest server available in case of latency issues, server overloads, etc. Since the VPN client uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol for your VPN connection, you can seamlessly switch between available servers without any issues.

Should I Upgrade?

CyberGhost VPN Premium removes most of the technicalities when it comes to establishing a VPN connection, where the inclusion of the CyberGhost VPN client lets you have your VPN connection up and running in no time. With support for multiple platforms, access to fast servers, multiple privacy controls, and an unprecedented level of protection for your data, CyberGhost VPN Premium makes it simple to set up a VPN connection on your PC, Mac, or tablet. The VPN solution, however, does restrict you to a single VPN connection at a time, though you can take care of that issue by subscribing to the Premium Plus plan instead.