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Upgrading to a CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus subscription gives you admission to a whole lot more than just unrestricted access to blocked content. With no limits on the amount of data transferred, full-on encryption at all times to protect your information, an anti-tracking system that makes you completely untraceable online, and support for multiple simultaneous connections across devices, CyberGhost’s Premium Plus subscription offers you the complete virtual private network experience.


If you were wondering about having to manually configure browser or operating system settings, you are just flat-out wrong. With the CyberGhost client, setting up your VPN connection only requires that you select the country and server that you want to connect to. In addition to Windows, you can also use the CyberGhost client to set up VPN connections on Mac and Linux-based machines, and on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets. Coupled with the enhanced connection limit that you get with the Premium Plus subscription — up to five connections — you can have your Mac connected to a server in the USA, and at the same time have a different VPN connection to a Japanese server right on your tablet.

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Whether it’s accessing the Internet from your home or through a public Wi-Fi spot, CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus provides you with an unprecedented level of security for your data. With all incoming and outgoing traffic tunneled through the stable OpenVPN tunneling protocol, and with all data protected using end-to-end military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, hackers and data miners have no chance of intercepting your private conversations, bank account numbers, and online transactions. Further, you can choose to block known malicious and phishing websites from ever reaching your device, and even forcibly load secure versions of websites to protect sensitive information.


CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus features multiple ways to preserve online anonymity even from your own Internet service provider. Featuring state-of-the-art Anti-Fingerprinting technology, you can personally change information about your browser and operating system to thwart tracking attempts — even on secure HTTPS Web pages. Additionally, a built-in module called the Content Blocker allows you to directly block social media plugins — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. — that track online activity. CyberGhost also gives you the option to share the IP address assigned to you with other Premium-level users, which makes it virtually impossible for websites to gain an accurate lock on you. In the unlikely event that you are tracked down, CyberGhost doesn’t keep any logs on record, which makes tracking you down in the first place a completely pointless task.

Server Availability

Your Premium Plus subscription provides you with access to over 600 servers located in over 30 countries worldwide. Want to watch your favorite soccer game? Just connect to a UK-based server and you are done. Or do you want to access Facebook while visiting China? Connect to any of the numerous servers present in the USA, and you can not only unblock Facebook, but also various other services including Skype, YouTube, Spotify, CBS, NBC, Netflix, etc. The CyberGhost VPN client provides you with live server updates so that you can connect to the best servers at all times.


Blocking Advertisements

As one of the most important features included within the CyberGhost client, the built-in ad-blocker has the ability to completely block of all advertisements at a system-wide level — both browser and application ads. Since certain Web browsers don’t support ad-blocking extensions, CyberGhost’s built-in ad-blocker serves as the ideal solution when it comes to blocking advertisements across all installed Web browsers. Further, certain advertisements are notorious for carrying various forms of malware, which makes the inclusion of an ad-blocker all the more welcome.

Compressing Data

CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus gives you the option to compress content from multimedia-heavy websites directly on the server-side before sending them over to your computer or mobile device. While this doesn’t have much of an impact on local Wi-Fi connections, it does save you a lot of Internet bandwidth when surfing on cellular data. Since you can incur significant charges for exceeding your monthly data allotment, turning this feature on lets you cut down on cellular data usage significantly.

Is It Worth It?

CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus does give you a huge advantage over alternate VPN services in terms of the amount of features that you have access to. With an unprecedented level of support for data security and privacy, compatibility with all major desktop and mobile platforms, and the ease-of-use when setting up VPN connections, CyberGhost’s Premium Plus VPN subscription ranks as one of the best VPN services currently available. While a Premium subscription might be sufficient if you plan to use CyberGhost’s VPN services on just a single platform, a Premium Plus subscription does give you that enhanced connection limit when working with multiple devices simultaneously.

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