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In addition to CyberGhost’s Free and Premium virtual private network solutions, the VPN service provider also features a third option in the form of Premium Plus. Whether it’s unblocking content that you love, preserving your privacy while surfing online, or protecting data from malicious websites, CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus lets you do it. While Premium Plus doesn’t bring anything new to the table when compared to the Premium version, opting for the former does allow you to have VPN connections running across multiple devices simultaneously.

Establishing Connections

Focusing on convenience over complex technicalities, CyberGhost Premium Plus lets you connect to available proxy servers instantly via the CyberGhost VPN client. With support for various platforms in addition to Windows — OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS — the CyberGhost VPN client connects to 600 servers in over 30 countries covering all major continents. You can either let the VPN client decide upon the best server available depending on your location and network speed, or you can manually choose the exact country and server that you want to connect to. Further, you can configure the VPN client to automatically switch servers in cases of server overloads and latency issues.

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Connection Stability

CyberGhost Premium Plus uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol to transfer data between servers and devices. OpenVPN’s strong OpenSSL encryption standards, coupled with its compatibility with digital certificates and server-hosted firewalls, allow you to have a secure and stable VPN connection at all times. While you do need the CyberGhost VPN client to establish OpenVPN-based connections, you can instead configure network settings directly and tunnel data through alternate protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec — this does, however, require advanced knowledge of network configuration settings.

Data Security

CyberGhost Premium Plus encrypts all incoming and outgoing data with 256-bit AES encryption, where AES’s advanced encryption algorithm makes your connection safe and secure from data miners and hackers. Leaving nothing to chance, CyberGhost also blocks known malicious and phishing websites, and uses server-based NAT firewalls and various other security shields to thwart data espionage attempts. When inserting sensitive information into forms online, CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus lets you forcibly load the secure HTTPS versions of Web pages to further protect you from personal information theft.

Privacy Protection

CyberGhost Premium Plus gives you an unprecedented level of protection in regards to your privacy. With the inclusion of CyberGhost’s custom Anti-Fingerprinting technology, websites can no longer gain a lock on you due to constantly changing browser and operating system info — critical details that websites use to track you down. In addition, the CyberGhost VPN client directly blocks tracking attempts from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter with the use of a separate module simply known as the Content Blocker. CyberGhost Premium Plus gives you total control over your anonymity by allowing you to configure both the Anti-Fingerprinting system and the Content Blocker on exactly how you want them to function.

Additional Features

CyberGhost Premium Plus features numerous additional options that differentiates it from most other VPN services. The following options let you fully customize your VPN connection before establishing it:

Prevent Online Tracking

When turned on, CyberGhost Premium Plus uses a number of anti-tracking features in addition to the Anti-Fingerprinting system and the Content Blocker — features such as IP address sharing to mislead websites, blocking known tracking modules, etc.

Protection Against Malicious Websites

CyberGhost Premium Plus automatically blocks blacklisted websites that are notorious for spoofing and phishing end-users.


A built-in ad-blocker that removes all advertisements from ever reaching your desktop or mobile device. Especially useful since certain Web browsers — Microsoft Edge, iOS versions of Chrome and Firefox, etc. — don’t feature support for ad-blocking extensions.


Forcibly make websites use the secure HTTPS Web protocol. Prevents espionage attempts when making purchases or filling out personal information details online.

Data Compression

Cuts down on bandwidth-usage by compressing Web content directly on the server-side before sending them over to your device. Ideal for mobile devices that use cellular data for online connectivity.

Extra Speed

Specifies the VPN client to use the fastest CyberGhost servers currently available, and automatically switch to the next best server in case of server-side issues.

Is It Worth It?

CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus doesn’t just stop at unblocking content that you love, but also provides numerous additional features that allow you to preserve anonymity online, protect data from falling into the wrong hands, compress data to save on bandwidth, and much more. With support for up to five simultaneous VPN connections across devices, you don’t run into the hassle, for example, of shutting down your VPN connection on your PC when you want to watch your favorite football game on your tablet.

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