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The internet is an incredible boon to mankind. It is like an ocean of knowledge, most of which is available for free. But sometimes it is also a dangerous place.

We use the internet today for our day to day communication, voice calls, video calls, emails, instant messaging, social networks, banking, shopping and even for watching movies on Netflix and the like.

The problem with some websites is that they may not be very secure, and sometimes the websites or the user accounts could be hacked by attackers. This results in stolen data, and idedntity theft. Some websites also track users using cookies et, to serve ads, which some people find to be annoying. And some websites get affected by malware, in the form of fake and malicious advertising, called malvertising.

Your antivirus and firewalls can only protect you against attacks, but they are not very good against trackers, and neither is your web browser or operating system’s default security protocols.

How then can we stay safe from such online threats and also protect our privacy. The answer is Cyberghost VPN.

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What is a VPN and why should you use it? A Virtual Private Network is a connection used to route your connection, to make it seem like you are accessing the network from a different location, for eg: from another Country or city. This hides your IP addrss (Internet Protocol Address). This ensures that your online presence is anonymous.

VPNs are also used as a means of secure and private access, and are often used by organizations.

The problem with most VPNs, is that they do not provide you a lot of options, when it comes to the Country servers you want to connect to. You don;t have this problem with Cyberghost, as it provides with not just one or two options, but servers from 30 different Countries.

And most VPNs, especially free ones come with very limited usage. Imagine connecting to a service which is not abailable in your Country, and that connction alone eats up all your free bandwidth within a matter of minutes, what good is that?

Cyberghost VPN’s Premium Plans provide unlimited bandwidth, completely negating this issue. And you get AES 256-bit Encryption for all your web browsing. How about that?

And there are no ads or redirects with Cyberghost, all you get is a clean and pure browsing experience, no strings attached.

Most people think that using VPNs are bad, because they are slow. This is not the case, with Cyberghost, you actually get faster browsing speeds because the company’s servers are incredibly speedy. The premium plans offer 5x the speed of the free version of Cyberghost VPN.

Let’s take a look at the interface of Cyberghost VPN’s desktop app. IT is clean and easy to use. The main screen consists of three areas.

First you have the World Map, which shows which server you are connected to. Secondly, you have a toolbar on the bottom, which has three options. The server list of (Countries) servers which you can connect to, a power button which is used to connect to the server, and finally another list of server locations, which you can connect to.

The second list allows you to select which City in the Country you selected, you wish to connect to, giving you a plethora of servers to choose. I haven’t seen any other VPN service do so. There are over 600 servers available from Cyberghost’s list.

And another advantage in using Cyberghost, is that you get to use the same features on your smartphone, with the Android and iOS apps.

When you are not connected to the VPN, the main screen shows a list of options.

  • Prevent online tracking – Blocks content on websites which could be used to track you.
  • Protection against malicious websites – blocks malware and bad websites which may harm your computer.
  • Ad-Blocker – Disables ads on websites
  • FORCE HTTPS – Forces websites to use secure HTTPS conncetions whenever possible.
  • Data compression – Reduces data usage by compressing images and web content including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Extra speed – Enables fastest servers from Cyberghost.

Click on the hamburger menu (three line button) in the top left corner, and you will see a list of options. You can manage your account from the settings, including the option to logout and upgrade. Additionally you can tweak the application’s settings including the option to install beta versions, start up the application on Windows boot, etc.

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You can even configure the Cyberghost application to change the language the browser, when you connect to a different Country’s server. In fact, you can even mask the browser version and the operating system, depending on your privacy needs.

Buy CyberGhost Premium at an affordable price, with our exclusive discount code. Remeber, CyberGhost is not just a VPN service which helps you surf anonymously, it also blocks ads, unblocks content and keeps you safe from online viruses and malware.