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Want to unblock websites which are not available on your network? Is the streaming service which you want to access, not available in your Country?

You can use CyberGhost VPN to access the services and websites. The VPN has 1250+ servers around the world, which allows you to connect to any of these locations. So, you can just connect to one of these servers and the website will be available to you. This means even if you are traveling in another Country, you can still watch the movies and TV shows, which you would be watching at home.

Of course, that is not the only use for a VPN, you can use CyberGhost to protect your online privacy, as it hides your internet connection’s real IP address. Websites which you visit will only get the IP address of the VPN’s server, so they cannot track you. That is how you are actually able to access the blocked websites, or region-locked services, because those websites think that the VPN server is your real location.

Apart from browsing websites without leaving a trace of your personal information, you can also download torrents anonymously, without having to worry about being tracked. The VPN blocks malicious websites from being loaded in your web browser, which effectively stops malware attacks before they happen.

CyberGhost VPN secures your internet connection by encrypting the traffic with a 256-bit AES algorithm, which blocks hackers, malware from stealing your data. You can choose from the following VPN protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP. This allows you to even use public network connections such as those in libraries, hotels, airports, without having to worry about the safety of your online transactions, or potential data or ID theft.

The VPN prevents your web browser from leaking your IP address to websites, using DNS leak prevention. Similarly, it has a kill-switch which disables your internet on the device, when the connection to CyberGhost VPN is broken. So, any downloads in progress or websites which were in use cannot see your IP address.

CyberGhost VPN works on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and macOS, all of which have their own app and you can connect up to 5 devices at a time, using a single account.