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Facing restrictions when accessing content due to your geographical location? Worried about websites that track online activity? Need protection from malicious websites that are out to phish your information? CyberGhost’s premium VPN subscription plan takes care of all these issues in an instant, where you can choose from over 600 servers to connect to, protect your data via professional-grade encryption techniques, and use a range of tools to make yourself completely anonymous while surfing the Internet. In addition, CyberGhost VPN Premium gives you access to numerous other features that allow you to perform various customizations to your VPN connection.


Unlike most other VPN services, CyberGhost foregoes all technicalities involved by letting you easily establish VPN connections with the use of a local VPN client. While you are most likely to set up your VPN connection on a Windows-based PC or laptop, CyberGhost’s premium subscription also lets you establish connections on OS X and Linux-based machines, and even on Android and iOS mobile devices. After downloading the VPN client, you can simply insert your premium user credentials and automatically connect to the fastest server — depending on location and speed — available to you, or you can manually select the country and server that you want to connect to.

CyberGhost has over 600 servers in all major continents, with the majority of the servers located in the USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and the United Kingdom. While CyberGhost VPN Premium usually connects you to its fastest servers, certain issues such as high-latency and server overload can hamper speeds. In these instances, you can configure the VPN client to automatically switch your connection to the next best server currently available.

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Data Security

The CyberGhost VPN client uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol to connect to servers, where OpenVPN’s strong security features, high encryption standards, and enhanced reliability allow you to establish secure VPN connections without any issues. Advanced users can just skip using the CyberGhost VPN client altogether and connect via alternate tunneling protocols — IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, etc. — by directly configuring network settings on Windows, OS X, and Linux-based machines. Using 256-bit AES encryption, CyberGhost VPN Premium secures all information transmitted through the VPN connection, thereby making it next-to-impossible for hackers to steal your information.

CyberGhost VPN Premium also protects you from known malicious websites and sources. By monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic through Web browsers and other applications, CyberGhost blocks data espionage and phishing attempts directly from the server-side via advanced security features such as IPV6/DNS leak protection, NAT firewalls, and auto Internet kill switches. When shopping online, you can also configure the VPN client to forcibly load secure versions of websites — HTTPS compared to the unsecure HTTP — to increase trust and prevent personal information theft over unprotected data channels.

Preserving Privacy

CyberGhost VPN Premium features multiple ways to preserve your privacy when accessing the Internet. With the use of CyberGhost’s custom Anti-Fingerprinting technology, you can surf the Internet by faking data about your Web browser and operating system, thereby making it harder for websites to track your movements; CyberGhost goes so far as to blend you in to your simulated location by even changing the browser language accordingly. In addition, the inclusion of a separate feature called the Content Blocker lets you remove social media plugins and block requests from known tracking sources. If you want to surf the Internet normally, you can do just that by either whitelisting websites or deactivating both the Anti-Fingerprinting system and the Content Blocker.

Built-in Ad-Blocker

CyberGhost VPN Premium gives you the option to automatically block advertisements from showing up on Web browsers and other applications. Since certain Web browsers don’t support ad-blocking extensions — especially on mobile devices — you can instead use CyberGhost VPN Premium’s built-in ad-blocker to block advertisements directly from the server-side.

Saving Bandwidth

CyberGhost VPN Premium gives you the option cut down on mobile data usage considerably by opting to compress Web content — SSL, CSS, and JavaScript — on the server-side before sending them to your tablet or smartphone. Not limited to just mobile devices, you can also use the feature on personal computers and laptops to significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth used up by multimedia-heavy websites.

Should I Upgrade?

When compared to the limited functionality present in most other VPN services, CyberGhost’s feature packed premium solution puts it among the best VPN services currently available. With support for multiple user platforms in addition to Windows, access to the best CyberGhost servers for blazing fast speeds, data security via state-of-the-art encryption standards, and numerous other tools that further protects your connection, CyberGhost VPN Premium provides you with incredible value for money. If you want to check out CyberGhost’s VPN solution at work, you can try out the free version — albeit with certain limitations — before dishing out cash for the premium version.

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