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Anonymity is a lost word on the internet. Mobile carriers, broadband, high speed networks, regardless of what service you use to connect you have no privacy whatsoever.

You know what I’m talking about, website cookies. Mostly these are used for securing your logins, but additionally t they are also used to serve ads, news, recommendations and more. But sometimes it can be used for dangerous purposes, by online hackers.

Think about it, you accessed your email using a public connection, and then find it was hacked. Annoying isn’t it? The same applies to other popular online services.

So how does one stay safe from these malicious threats? The answer, is to go behind a VPN,and secure your online presence. There is a bigger bonus while using a VPN, in that you can also gain access to online services, which may otherwise not be available in your region. Say for example: Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, to name a few.

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This can’t be achieved by your normal internet connection, but you could choose proxies, but they are quite unreliable. And your antivirus or firewall cannot make your online presence anonymous?

How does a VPN do this? It’s quite simple enough. What it does is, it allows your computer to connect to a virtual private network’s servers, and use that as your internet connection. By doing so, it changes your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) which is based on your Geographical location, to that of the location of the server, and its own IP address. This is called masking, aka hiding your identity.

And since VPNs can be used for providing secure and private access, they are also used by a lot of organizations.

So, any website you visit while you are connected to a VPN, sees your location as the VPN’s and allows you to access the features it offers. And naturally, this also masks your IP from attackers, so they can’t hack your network.

Cyberghost VPN stands tall amongst VPNs, thanks to a plethora of features, which otherwise is not even available in most major VPNs. This is why we recommend it. Let’s take a more closer look at the features, shall we?

First up is the interface, which is very well designed, and offers a good amount of user friendliness.

The main screen has a World Map, which shows you the details about the server you are connected to. The toolbar on the bottom of the screen has three options. The first button on the bottom left corner, allows you to see the list of servers you can connect to, this essentially is the various Countries the servers are located in. The larger button in the center, like a power button, is used to enable the VPN connection.

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The third button on the bottom right corner, can be used to select which server you want to connect to, actually this shows you the Cities in the Country’s server you have selected. Cyberghost has VPN servers in over 30 Countries, and over 600 servers to choose from. This is something that its competitors can’t even come close to.

The settings of Cyberghost allows you to block trackers to ensure your anonymity, and it even goes as far as to block ads. In fact, Cyberghost offers a couple of extra layers of security, by blocking viruses and malware. And it also forces websites to use HTTPS, when it is possible. This is pretty much as secure as you are ever going to be.

Don’t worry, using Cyberghost will not make your web browsing and downloads slow. This is a common myth about VPNs, but with so many high speed servers, Cyberghost is incredibly speedy. The service also helps you save your precious bandwith, by using a special data compression algorithm, to reduce the data usage. It does so by compressing images and web page content like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Cyberghost also allows you to use these features on your smartphones, be it a Google Android device, or an Apple iPhone.

The hamburger menu (three line button) in the top left corner of the application, has options to manage your account and the settings.

You can use these options to change the way the program starts, opt in for the beta version, and also to change the language of the browser, when you connect to a different Country’s server. Similarly you can mask the operating system and the browser version.

You are protected by AES 256-bit encryption, and with no bandwidth restriction whatsoever.

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