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CyberLink Director Suite Coupon Code

Editing images and videos is not a walk in the park. It requires precise mouse work, skill and of course practice. But above all else, you need a good software to work with.

And that is what CyberLink Director Suite offers. You don’t just get an image editor, or a video editor, or sound editor, but all of them together, in a wonderful bundle. These products are available in the Suite: PowerDirector, AudioDirector, ColorDirector, and PhotoDirector.


This is the video editor in CyberLink Director Suite. You can select it to work with any aspect ratio including 16:09, 4:3., and 9:16 vertical videos which you shot on a mobile phon’s camera in portrait mode. There are 3 editor modes to choose from in PowerDirector: a full feature editor, an easy editor and a 360-degree editor.

The Full Feature Editor offers all of the program’s features. The Easy Editor has a wizard for importing your video, select a styling, making some adjustments to the video, preview the movie and finalize it. The 360-degree editor allows you to edit 360° format videos in an interface which is similar to the full feature editor. All of CyberLink’s software use dark backrounds for their default theme, and have user friendly navigation options with a menubar on the top of the window.

A secondary menubar is available in PowerDirector’s GUI, which has 4 tabs. The Capture tab allows you to record a video from a camcorder, TV, webcam, CD, external optic device, your computer’s screen or microphone. You can use the pane in the top left for recording and previewing content. The pane on its right, displays the captured content. The pane on the bottom left allows you to select the capture preferences, while the one on the bottom right corner lets you select where the video should be saved, view the video length, format and other information.

The Edit tab is the main area in PowerDirector and lets you edit your videos. There are 3 panes here, one for viewing your media library, one to preview the video and a timeline which can be used to edit the video. There is a sidebar in the left edge, which you can use to switch between the effects, Picture in Picture Objects, Particles, Text, Transitions, Audio Mixing, Voice Over Recording, Chapter and Subtitles rooms. There are over 550 effects which you can use in your video.

Basically you can use these options to add various effects to your video including subtitles, font styling, chapters for DVDs, etc. The Produce tab is for finalizing your movie, while the Create Disc tab is for creating a movie disc, complete with its own menu. You can finalize the video to select which format you want to save the video in. You can save your edited videos in the latest formats such as AVCHD, H.265 encoding, AAC, 3D/Progressive, XAVC-S 360°, and 4K Ultra HD resolution too.

You can also choose to run PowerDirector in Express project, theme designer and a slideshow creator modes.

The Express Project editor has templates for quick editing videos by dragging them to the timeline. The Theme Designer allows you to style videos with templates. The Slideshow Creator can be used for creating a video from your photos.

The software uses TrueVelocity 6 rendering engine with orientation smart video rendering technology and OpenCL video acceleration, which is very fast in previewing and producing videos. It can be used for editing slow motion videos from GoPro and action cameras which have 120/240fps. So whether you want to make video collages, apply selective transpeancy for text and images, or use motion tracking, or use multiple cameras to create videos, PowerDirector can do them all. The Action Camera center has options to stabilize videos, correct fish-eye distortion, improve colors and more. The software offers full support for 3rd party plugins.


CyberLink AudioDirector as the name suggests is your digital music studio. You can use it to edit any audio files, with precision audio and video syncing for voice overs. There are lots of audio effects to choose from, and even supports 2K and 4K videos. You can use it with FLAC, HEVC H.265, ALAC and other latest formats.

You can use it to adjust the volume of audio tracks, mix multiple tracks, create audio CDS. The editor in AudioDirector can be used to adjust various parameters such as Boost, Fade, Pitch, and also for Trimming the audio, silencing noise, adding silence, reverse, and also for including various effects such as delay, reverb, echo, chorus, phaser, flanger, phone, radio, etc. The vocal removal option can be used for creating karaoke tracks while the vocal transformer, equalizer and stereo expander can be used for boosting the audio tracks. You can also use it to record audio from multiple sources simultaneously, into a single track.


ColorDirector is a color grading tool which can be used for styling videos with effects such as HDR, Split Toning, and more. Once you have added videos to your library, you can edit them from the adjustment tab which has a histogram and adjustment tools for the white balance, tone, tinge, HDR effects such as glow, edge, and other tools.

There are many presets built-in to the software, including those from movies, which you can choose from. You can use styles from popular films for your own video. The program uses tracking algorithms to detect motion to edit every frame of videos. There are selection masks for tracking multiple objects and enhance their colors with ease.


This software is the photo editor in the suite, and allows you to edit and add effects to your photos. The program’s interface is quite similar to ColorDirector, but PhotoDirector has some extra options. You can use it to open pictures from your computer, camera, or from the CyberLink Cloud service. Likewise you can save your projects on the cloud too. Additionally, you can also create images from videos, and edit them too.

CyberLink Director Suite Coupon Code

The photos which you can edit can be saved in PNG, JPG, or TIF formats. You can share photos which you have edited to the CyberLink Cloud, DirectorZone, or on Facebook, Flickr and even via Email.

The program creates copies of the original photo, which you can use for editing, without making changes to the real mccoy. And it has a ton of cool features such as a People Beautifier, Face Swap, multi Exposure and various effects. You can add colors and effects such as blur, grain and overlay to your photos, and also delete objects from the pictures. Want to merge multiple photos of the same landscape to create a panorama? That is possible too.

You can perform layer based editing options to cut, copy, paste, duplicate and delete layers from a photo. You can fine tune the white balance, tone, HDR. Level, Curve, Color (Hue, Saturation and Lightness), Toning, Detail, Noise Reduction, Lens Correction in PhotoDirector.

Adding watermarks to your picture is a breeze with the software, as are adjusting options for the page layout and printing of the photos you edited. There is an image editor which you can use for adding text, shape, selection, gradient tools, and a pen and eraser tool for drawing and deleting content to the pictures.

There is a slideshow tool which you can use for creating an animated gallery of your photos, which can include transition effects, music, and a preview pane which you can use to view the slideshows. You can also use custom layer editing tools, thanks to the software’s built-in support for 3rd party plugins.

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