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Right from the get-go, Cyberlink Media Suite powers through each and every single aspect of media playback, media creation, media publication, and media conversion. By bundling 15 of the best applications that Cyberlink has ever created into one neat package, gone are days when you had to spend hundreds of dollars on standalone media utilities.

Whether it’s playing your latest iPhone-shot 4K video clip on a UHD TV, making in-depth video edits to create your own homemade movie, authoring your creation for playback on the latest optical disc formats, or converting items in your media library to alternate formats, Media Suite 14 — the latest iteration — should provide everything that you could ever possibly want, and that’s an understatement.

In a Nutshell

Media Suite 14 packs in 15 of the most versatile applications that Cyberlink has developed, including heavyweights such as PowerDVD, PowerDirector, and Power2Go. Rather than installing and granting access to each application separately, Media Suite 14 instead deploys a launcher screen that allows you to pick the task that you want to perform.

The launcher screen groups available tasks under six labeled tabs, namely Movie, Video, Photo, Music, Data & Backup, and Utilities. For example, the Movie tab displays a range of tasks such as Erase a Disc, Burn a DVD Folder, Print a Disc Label, etc., where clicking on Erase a Disc opens up Power2Go, Burn a DVD Folder launches PowerProducer, and Print a Disc Label brings up LabelPrint.

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By packing in the universally acclaimed PowerDVD 16 media player, Media Suite 14 certainly doesn’t disappoint in the media playback department. With the ability to play every video format ever invented — including the latest HEVC format — and all types of optical discs, you won’t have the need for another media player ever again.

By featuring both a PC Mode and a TV Mode, you can use PowerDVD 16 to turn your home into a full-fledged cinema, and the included TrueTheater technology certainly helps in that department. While PowerDVD 16 does a great job at playing videos and music, what about photos? Not to worry, since Media Suite 14’s got you covered thanks to the inclusion of MediaShow 6 — with this, you can effectively view your photos and organize them using Cyberlink’s proprietary FaceMe face-tagging technology.


When it’s time to edit your video footages and photos shot from your many devices, Media Suite 14 gives you access to a host of tools that allow for phenomenal results — PowerDirector 14, PhotoDirector 7, PowerProducer 6, and WaveEditor 2. By using PowerDirector, you can start editing your videos easily, thanks to the presence of multiple modes such as Full Feature Editor, Easy Editor, and Theme Designer. Intuitive design tools such as the real-time previewer and timeline, combined with numerous Hollywood-grade special effects, should result in your videos looking better than ever before.

PhotoDirector 7, on the other hand, provides editing functionality for photographs, where the presence of numerous professional tools should allow you to insert various special effects — filters, effects, blurs, etc. — for phenomenal end results. When it’s time to author your PowerDirector 14 and PhotoDirector 7 creations to work on DVD and Blu-ray-compatible players and gaming consoles, you have PowerProducer 6 at hand with unprecedented disc-authoring tools, and if you want to enhance any audio tracks in your homemade videos, you have WaveEditor 2 to take care of that for you.


Media Suite 14 brings to the table Cyberlink’s extremely popular Power2Go 10 disc-burner for all your disc-burning requirements. With the ability to create music CDs, videos DVDs, 3D Blu-ray discs, and a whole bunch of other optical drive formats, you won’t ever have to look for a disc-burning utility ever again. Desktop widgets for super-quick burning, 256-bit AES encryption for secure disc contents, and virtual drive support are just a few of the many other features present in Power2Go 10.

Media Suite 14 also bundles a whole host of complimentary applications — PowerBackup 2.6, PowerDVD Copy, LabelPrint 2.5, and InstantBurn 5 — that lets you have an easier time with your disc creation and data copying efforts. With PowerBackup, you can start backing up media content directly to disc with various backup modes — full, differential, and incremental. PowerDVD Copy, on the other hand, lets you instantly start ripping DVDs to any destination of your choice, while InstantBurn 5 lets you use your optical drive just like a hard drive with the application working in the background completely unseen.


With the inclusion of MediaEspresso 7.5, converting your videos and music to alternate formats just became a whole lot easier. Thanks to the inclusion of multiple codecs dealing with the latest formats, you can just about convert your videos to just about anything that you want. Pre-configured conversion profiles for all the latest smartphones and tablets help you out immensely when you need to convert a file in a hurry, while the built-in Smart Detect feature works wonders in detecting and selecting optimal output settings for your device.


Media Suite 14 doesn’t just limit its core functionalities to your computer. With PowerDirector Mobile, PhotoDirector Mobile, and Power Media Player, you can start editing videos, enhancing photos, and playing all sorts of media content right on your iOS or Android mobile device. While the features included within these apps aren’t on par with their desktop counterparts, they still have enough functionality that should be enough when you want to work with your media library on-the-go.

Should I Buy It?

If you are a media enthusiast, then you better get your hands on Media Suite 14 asap. With the ability to work on every minute aspect of your media library, Media Suite 14 is a must-have application for anyone who’s looking for unprecedented media playback capabilities, seamless editing functionality, unparalleled disc-burning features, and unlimited conversion capabilities. Add to the fact that you get all of these awesome applications at a bargain price — standalone versions should cost you a lot more — and you have an amazing deal for an amazing product.