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If you take a lot of photos on your DSLR Camera or on your smartphone, you are likely to notice that not every photo you click is good as you wanted. Even the latest mobile phones which feature dual rear cameras, do not always produce a 100% perfect picture.

There may be blurry areas, noise, distortion, and other noticeable flaws, which could ruin what is otherwise a fantastic snap. You should not let this deter you from sharing the picture with your family and friends, or even post it on your website. But, before you do so, you must edit the picture to polish it up.

The problem with this is, not every photo editing software is user friendly. And those that are, do not have all the features you need. So, what do you do? Well, quite simply put you need a combination of both in a single software.

And CyberLink PhotoDirector 9 is one such application, and here is why you should consider it for your photo editing needs.

The interface of CyberLink PhotoDirector 9 is quite modern, with a dark background, which is easy on the eyes, and also to navigate between the various sections it has. There is a menubar on the top of the GUI which has 5 options: File, Edit, Photo, View and Help.

The File menu can be used for importing a photo or folder to CyberLink PhotoDirector 9 for editing. It can also be used to import pictures directly from a camera or from the CyberLinlk Cloud. You can use the video to photo option to create images from a movie or video you recorded. The photos which you edited can be exported or saved in to various formats: PNG, JPG, or TIF.

You can easily share the photos online using the built-in option for Facebook, Flickr, Email, CyberLink Cloud and DirectorZone. You can save your editing work as a project file, and return to it whenever you want yo, and pick up where you left off. You can even save the projects to the CyberLink Cloud too.

The Edit menu is actually a select menu which can be used to select/deselect all, from a beginning, end, invert selection, or by flag, rating, label, adjusted or by shared. You can access CyberLink PhotoDirector’s preferences from the Edit menu.

The Photo Menu can be used to rotate the images, mark an image as flagged or rejected, rate a picture from 0 to 5 stars, set color based labels, and for creating a virtual photo, aka a copy of the selected photo which you can use for editing, without ruining the original image.

The View menu in the program allows you shift between the viewer and browser, or both, select the zoom level, full screen mode, switch between your main monitor or secondary monitor, and to change the background color.

There is a second menu bar below the primary one. This is actually a tab bar, and has 6 options. Now, when you select an option from this bar, the sidepanel in CyberLink PhoroDirector will reflect the changes in it correspondingly. And the right pane of the program displays the image which you are working with. You can use the pane to tag faces, stack photos, change the view mode from thumbnail to list view, show multiple photos in the browser, compare two images, rotate images, set flags, labels, etc. This panel also has the social sharing, export and zoom options. You can use the search bar to quickly find a photo from your library, or filter photos by labels, tags, adjusted.

The Library tab allows you to browse through your pictures, albums and folders which contain the images. This can be done using the project and metadata sections in the sidebar. The Projects menu is the navigation tree, which also houses the labels which you marked from the Photo menu. You can also import photos or video to photo from the same screen, to your library from the same screen. The Metadata tab displays details such as where the picture was taken the aperture, ISO, resolution, shutter speed, which camera or device was used, and other EXIF, IPTC and tags information.

The Adjustment tab has a Manual set of controls including a histogram, adjustments for white balance, tone, HDR effect, Level, Curve, Color (Hue, Saturation and Lightness), Toning, Detail, Noise Reduction, Lens Correction and more. The Presets tab has built-in options which can modify your photos in a single click of the mouse. There is a thumbnail preview of each preset available in the side panel.

The Edit tab creates a copy of the photo for editing and has many tools to work with including a People Beautifier with skin, face, body tools. The Photo effects can be used for adding color, blurring, grain and overlay effects. The object removal and Extract or Compose tools can be used for editing parts of the photo. The Photo merge option can be used for panorama, HDR, Face swap and multi exposure, while the Frames & Watermarks option can be used to protect your work from others.

The Layers tab allows you to manage layers in your images and edit them by adding any you want by cutting, copying, duplicating, pasting, deleting layers. You can adjust the white balance, tone and other parameters of layers, just like those available in the edit tab’s adjustment panel, and this has its own image viewer which shows the changes as you make them.

CyberLink PhotoDirector Coupon Code

In addition to this there are tools for drawing on the photos such as the pen, erase, text, shape, selection, gradient tools, and there is a plugin option using which you can add custom layer editing tools.

The Slideshow tab is used to create animated slideshows, and allows you total control over the transition effect, the aspect ratio, an option to add your own background music, and set the time that it has to run. The right pane is where you can preview the slideshow as you edit.

CyberLink PhotoDirector’s Print tab is where you set up the page layout, select the orientation, size, zoom, resolution, total copies you want etc. You can also add a watermark from the same screen.

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