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Power2Go 11 Platinum in a nutshell? An awesome application that lets you do nearly anything with your media library. Power2Go 11 Platinum is a disc burner, a media converter, and a backup utility bundled into one single amazing user interface that’s simply terrific to use. With the uncanny ability to rip and burn a wide range of disc formats, unprecedented file conversion functionality for a range of devices, and an encompassing backup solution for online videos, Power2Go 11 Platinum should give you everything that you’ll ever want when it comes to working with your media library.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Power2Go 11 Platinum’s user interface is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen in a disc burning or media conversion application. Crisp looking icon-tabs separate available features allowing you to easily find what you are looking for — Data Disc, Video Disc, Music Disc, Photo Gallery Disc, Online Media Backup, Copy Disc, Media Converter, Utilities, etc. Clicking on any of these labeled tabs instantly brings up a host of related options.

Data Disc, Video Disc, and Music Disc feature options that focus on burning content to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs — both data files, video files, and music files — while Photo Gallery Disc focuses on creating discs that showcase photos in slideshow or album format. Copy Disc, on the other hand, gives you that much need functionality when it comes to creating disc copies, saving disc images, or burning disc images.

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Moving on to the media conversion spectrum of Power2Go 11 Platinum, and you have the Media Converter tab, where you can do all sorts of things such as converting videos and audios to mobile device-specific formats, ripping audio CDs, ripping discs directly to mobiles, etc. Finally, Online Media Backup lets you back up your online media library to CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or hard disk drives, while Utilities feature various miscellaneous tools — Virtual Drive, Disc Manager, LabelPrint, etc.

Easily Create CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs

As a disc-burning utility, Power2Go 11 Platinum provides unprecedented support when it comes to burning both data files and media content alike. Creating data discs are simple, where you can just drag-n-drop content thanks to the Desktop Burning Gadget integrated into the application — the gadget also features a data meter that visually displays how much more files you can add before completely filling up the disc.

When it comes to burning SD, HD, or AVCHD videos to playback on DVD and Blu-ray players, Power2Go 11 Platinum gives you access to multiple authoring tools for a complete disc creation experience. With its intuitive user interface, the disc-authoring wizard provides total control over how inserted videos should work with features such as Smart Fit — automatically adjusts video quality to fit your disc — while multiple built-in customizable templates let you create menus in a flash.

Power2Go 11 Platinum features various options on the audio-side of things. Pre-set options such as Audio CD, WMA CD, and MP3 CD lets you insert audio files and burn them by automatically converting the items to appropriate formats. Various audio options also exist that helps you out tremendously — by including the Wave Editor, for example, you have the option to apply various audio adjustments to music files before creating playable CDs.

Convert Media to Various Formats

Power2Go 11 Platinum isn’t just limited to creating data discs, video DVDs, or audio CDs. It in fact also doubles up as a media conversion utility that lets you easily convert videos and music files to device-specific formats. Simply select any video file on your hard drive, specify the device manufacturer and model, and Power2Go 11 Platinum automatically converts the file to the best format that works on the device. CD to mobile audio-ripping capabilities are also present in the application.

Cyberlink’s proprietary TrueTheater technology is also integrated into the application. Convert a video, and you can choose to the specify the application to automatically enhance videos with various TrueTheater enhancements such as AutoLight, Denoise, and HD. With AutoLight, videos shot in poor lighting are instantly made better with minor adjustments to lighting levels, while Denoise and HD combined can significantly improve the clarity of sub-definition videos.

Download or Burn Online Videos

Do you want to download videos hosted on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo? Or better, do you want to directly burn them instead? With Power2Go 11 Platinum’s Online Media Backup module, you can do just that. Simply select a video streaming site, search for a video, and either specify the application to download the entire video onto your hard drive — ideal for fast playback purposes — or choose to back up the file to an optical disc instead.

Miscellaneous Features

Power2Go 11 Platinum features various miscellaneous options that should help you out immensely under certain circumstances. With the Virtual Drive module, for example, you can instantly mount and use disc images just as if they were running off an optical drive. In addition, the System Recovery on Disc lets you create a recovery disc that allows you to boot into the operating system should your computer fail to do so by itself. Further, Launch LabelPrint should help you out when looking to create terrific looking disc labels.

Should I Buy It?

Are you looking for a streamlined application that lets you burn videos, music, and photos to whatever disc-format that you desire? Do you need access to DVD and BD authoring tools? Require a utility to convert videos to alternate formats? Want to download YouTube or Facebook videos to your hard drive? If so, then Power2Go 11 Platinum should take care of all those issues in a flash. With a super-intuitive user interface that lets you perform whatever you want quickly and efficiently, Power2Go 11 Platinum should be the best choice for all media enthusiasts looking for a complete disc-creation and media conversion package.