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Cyberlink has been a staple of the multimedia software industry for nearly two decades, and the latest release of their renowned video editor — PowerDirector 16 Ultra — keeps up the tradition at being among the best in business. With support for nearly any aspect of video editing that you can think of, combined with multiple intuitive video creation modes suitable for both novice and veteran users alike, editing your videos have never been this easier.

By bundling in a plethora of Hollywood-grade special effects and transitions suitable for any instances, and a remarkably easy user interface that puts cumbersome video production at rest, PowerDirector 16 Ultra gives you critical tools to compete even with the best production studios.

Getting Started

Upon launch, PowerDirector 16 Ultra lets you select from between three different modes, namely Full Feature Editor, Easy Editor, and 360° Editor. The Full Feature Editor provides you with every option in the application, making it the mode of choice for advanced users. Easy Editor, on the other hand, presents a wizard-based approach to video editing, putting it more in line for novice users. If you are a 360° video enthusiast, you can make use of the 360° Editor mode, which is very similar to the Full Feature Editor.

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If you are thinking about upgrading your computer before running PowerDirector 16 Ultra, you may not have to necessarily do so. Thanks to the sixth iteration of the TrueVelocity rendering engine, PowerDirector 16 Ultra works on PCs even with low system requirements, largely due to the application taking full advantage of 64-bit processors for both smoother previewing and production. Compared with alternate consumer video editors, PowerDirector 16 Ultra is much faster due to TrueVelocity 6.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

PowerDirector 16 Ultra’s intuitive user interface extends to all aspects of video importing, editing, and production. When using the Full Feature Editor mode to edit videos, you can see at a glance everything that you may want. The application separates available features into three sections — to the upper-left, you can find your media importation and special effects options panel, which features additional tabs that let you search through the various effects and editing tools available at your disposal.

On the upper-right corner of the window, you can find a media playback pane, which lets you preview your edits in real-time — thanks to the TrueVelocity 6 rendering engine, you can preview even resource-heavy special effects seamlessly. You can also undock the preview window if you want to move the window to any other portion of the user interface.

Finally, you can find the most important feature to the bottom of the window — the timeline. This all-inclusive feature gives you the option to effectively manage all media tracks and special effects with pinpoint precision. A built-in slider allows you to accurately select key frames where you want to cut, splice, or insert effects, while the ability to display media tracks separately gives you a massive advantage when you want to work with multiple tracks.

Editing Videos

By combining all three components present in the Full Feature Editor, you can make short work of any video in no time. Inserting videos, music, or photos involve simply dragging and dropping the required items directly to the timeline, where sizing handles on inserted items allow you to seamlessly adjust time durations. Inserting special effects — particle, style, masking, transition, etc. — also involves simply dragging in the desired effect onto the portion of the video where you want them to appear. Thanks to multi-track support, you can stack special effects for phenomenal results.

360° Editing

With the upcoming trend for 360° videos, PowerDirector 16 Ultra features a separate module that lets you seamlessly edit 360-degree video content. Simply import equirectangular footage, specify that you want to create a 360° project, and start editing with a range of tools dedicated to the 360° format. The application also lets you use 360-degree video footage on standard video projects, paving the way for terrific-looking content.

Multiple Output Formats

PowerDirector 16 Ultra lets you output edited content to numerous video formats. To make matters easier for you, the video editor displays various conversion profiles for standard 2D and 3D playback — AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, etc. The application also features device-specific formats tailored for Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and Android devices. In addition to selecting an output format, the application also lets you determine various other aspects such as output resolution, bitrate, etc.

Disc Creation

If you are looking to output your work directly to discs, PowerDirector 16 Ultra doesn’t let up on that area. It in fact features an entire suite of disc-authoring tools that let you accomplish everything from creating disc chapters, to creating phenomenal looking menus. In addition to giving you access to multiple pre-built templates, you can also choose to build your very own templates from scratch.

Should I Buy It?

While there are a whole host of video editing applications for purchase, PowerDirector 16 Ultra manages to stand out from the pack thanks to a simple user interface, unprecedented video editing tools, and functionalities that keep up with evolving video technology — most important of all, everything just works. With multiple editing modes for advanced, novice, and 360° video enthusiasts, as well as numerous output formats for nearly any device, PowerDirector 16 Ultra is something that anyone looking for a relaxing video editing experience simply cannot do without. Bring to the table unprecedented disc-creation and authoring tools, and you have probably the finest video editing application currently available.