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CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced Coupon Code

Encryption is very popular among security protocols, which are used today. Why? Because unlike other security methods, encryption offers rock solid protection. It is a fool proof way to ensure your files, and data are yours, and yours alone.

Many companies and individuals rely on encryption, to protect their documents and data. Why? Because, an encrypted file, cannot be accessed by anyone, who does not have the unique decryption key for it. There is no other security which comes close to this.

You may have heard that it is nearly impossible to recover data, after a ransomware attack. Now, imagine what if you had the encryption tool to work for your benefit instead, i.e., to protect your data, so that no malware or hacker can steal your identity or files. Isn’t that awesome?

Now, this kind of advanced security must be complicated, and difficult to use for normal users, right? Not when you have a software designed just for this purpose. Meet Cybersafe Top Secret Advanced.

CyberSafe Top Secret has a user friendly interface, which is quite polished in terms of navigation. The program has a side bar on the left, and a pane on the right side, which displays the options corresponding to the selection made in the side panel.

There are 4 sections on the sidebar of CyberSafe Top Secret: Keys and Certificates, Files Encryption, Digital Signature and Drives Encryption.

Keys and Certificates:

This is where you can view and create secure key certificates for decrypting files. The program allows you to customize the certificate with your email address, a password, name, organization information, and set the validity period. You can set up the certificate to also include your photo if you want too. Once you save the certificate, it will be published to the CyberSafe Server.

CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced Coupon Code

You can select the key size in terms of bits, like 1024 or 2048 bits. You can also import, export your encryption keys, to and from the application. It also lets you search for keys by entering the email address, and delete a key if necessary.

Files Encryption:

This is the most important feature in CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced. You can use the options here to encrypt your files, and folders. You can choose to encrypt files transparently, for your personal usage. Or you could encrypt the files, and send them to your recipients, via email or a cloud service. If you are sending files via the internet, you may choose one of two options. You can either encrypt each file separately, or pack all the files into a single archive. The archive which you create is password protected, and can be opened on any computer.

Please keep in mind that there is no way to retrieve a password for a file or folder which you have encrypted. So, make sure to use a password which you can remember easily, but don’t use words which are found in a dictionary or other people may guess it.

You can drag and drop files onto the interface of the program, to add them for encryption, or use the regular add folder or add file options and browse for the location of the files and folders manually. The program offers a high rate of file compression, which makes it easier to share files online.

CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced makes use of modern encryption algorithms such as RSA, AES, BlowFish, etc, to encrypt your data. You can set passwords which are up to 16 characters in length, to secure your data. The strongest algorithm in the program is the 256-bit AES (Adbanced Encryption System).

CyberSafe Top Secret is fully capable of encrypting your emails, and is compatible with virtually email clients from Microsoft Outlook, to Mozilla Thunderbird, and other programs like The Bat!. You can use CyberSafe Top Secret with any email client which supports S/MIME certification.

In fact, it also works on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. This is possible because the emails carry a certificate in the X.509 amd PKCS#12 encryption formats.

You can also encrypt and decrypt files on the cloud using CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced. You can also add key certificates in this tab for your cryptographic needs. To decrypt files from a local folder, you can drag and drop them to the program’s GUI.

CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced can allow third party applications to read, copy, edit files, using the Trusted applications. Similarly, you can disallow applications by black listing them. This prevents unauthorized applications from accessing the files. And this also blocks malware or spyware from preventing access to the data which you have secured.

Digital Signature:

This tab is where you can sign files with a security key. It also has a signature verification option, which allows you to decrypt files. You can use the program to set one Private ID, and can have up to 20 recipients. You can use 1 key in the ID.

Drives Encryption:

You can encrypt your entire hard drive, using CyberSafe Top Secret Advanced. This also works with volumes, and virtual drives. This works with external hard drives, USB Flash Drives too, as long as they use the NTFS file system.

The menubar on the top of the window has 5 tabs. And their functions are quite similar to the ones on the sidebar. The file menu for example, allows you to create encrypted zip files, transparent folder encryption , files signature. You can use the edit menu to create, export, import, publish, search and delete encryption certificates.

The view menu can be used for encrypting, decrypting files, and to view all the keys which you have created.

CyberSafe Top Secret offers an incredible level of security for your data, and emails, while still remaining very user friendly. There is not much more we can ask from an encryption software,

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