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CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise Coupon Code

The data on your company’s computers and servers, are priceless for your business to function. And protecting it, is not an option. You absolutely have to. Over the past few years, we have seen news about how many companies have lost their valuable data, to hackers and online thieves.

Even if you have managed to secure your internet, you should consider protecting the data using proven methods, such as file encryption. This way, even if someone breaches the network, and manages to steal the data, they can’t access the files without the decryption key. So, how are you going to do that?

We recommend using CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise. Here’s why.

CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise has a user friendly GUI, which is divided in to three sections: A side panel, a menu bar, and a right pane which is the main part of the window.

The menubar has are five options on it: File, Edit, View, Tools and Help. The file menu has options for creating encryped archives, transparent encryption, and signatures. The edit menu can be used for managing the key certificates. The view menu can be used to view keys, as well as for encrypying and decrypting files.

CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise’s side panel is categorized in to 4 parts:

  • Keys and Certificates
  • Files Encryption
  • Digital Signature
  • Drives Encryption

When you make a selection here, the options for it will be available on the right pane.

Keys and Certificates:

The options under this tab and the edit menu are similar. Here you can fill the form and add your photo, name, email address, organization information, to create a secure certificate key, for signing files. You can lock the certificate with a password, to secure it. Speaking of passwords, you are not limited to a number, so you can create passwords of amy length. To secure the key further, select a date after which it will auto-expire. The keys which are created are securely stored on the CyberSafe Server.

The program is capable of creating RSA keys of 8192 bits in length. The keys which you create can be searched for from this screen, and all you need to query for, is the email address, which you used to create the key. You can export certificate keys to be used with other programs, and import the keys to CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise.

You can use up to 10 private IDs, and the IDs themselves have no restrictions to the number of users and the keys they can support. Another good thing about the program’s security, is that it allows you to use 2 factor authentication, for enhanced security.

Files Encryption:

This is the option. Which allows you to encrypt files and folders using CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise. There are three ways which you can add content which you want to encrypt. You can either used the Add File or Add Folder options, or to add files more quickly, simply drag and drop the content on to the GUI. The encryption algorithm used by the program is BlowFish 448-bits, which is more secure than the 256-bits AES (Advanced Encryption System). Now, if you have documents which you wish to secure even futher you can use the hide folders option, so they are invisible to other users.

CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise Coupon Code

The best part about CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise, is that it can also encrypt your emails, so only the recipient can open them. X.509 amd PKCS#12 encryption algorithms are used for this purpose, and supports S/MIME certification, which is used in popular email clients such as Mozilla ThunderBird, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat!, and also in mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Now, you will want to send the encrypted files to your contacts, but before you send it, you may want to consider compressing the files in to archives. To do this, you can create an archive and encrypt it, or encrypt the files before creating the archive. You can secure the archive with a password, to ensure your contact can open it on their computer. This works with network folders, cloud folders and files, and also with corporate cloud content.

The program can also be used for local file encryption, aka transparent encryption option, so you can secure your files and store them on your hard drive or computer.

Want to block other programs from accessing your secure content? You can do so from the Trusted applications tab, which has both a blacklist and whitelist option, the latter lets you allow programs which can access the content. This is an efficient way to prevent spyware and malware from accessing the content.

Digital Signature:

This option on the side panel in the program allows you to securely sign files. Additionally Top Secret Enterprise, can also be used to decrypt files, from this program. This works similar to the file encryption tab in that it has the add file, folder, and drag and drop options, and it also allows you to choose the folder where the decrypted files should be stored.

Drives Encryption:

Another advantage to using the program, is that you can encrypt your computer’s hard drives, file containers, hard drive partitions, volumes, and virtual drives. If you store content on external storage devices, you can encrypt the USB Flash drives, Hard drives, as long as they are formatted using the NTFS file system.

One exclusive feature in CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise, is that you are eligible for phone support from the company. Other exclusive features include Crypto-Pro support, and there is no limit regarding the number of network folders who can use the program.

If you ask me to rank the user friendliness or the features as the best, at what CyberSafe Top Secret Enterprise offers, I cannot choose one, because it is that good.

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