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CyberSafe Top Secret Professional Coupon Code

Where do you store your files? Are they stored locally, or on a cloud storage? Are they truly secure? Not really. If someone breaks in to the cloud storage account, or has direct access to your computer, or external storage devices, they can steal or read all the files.

What if you could lock the files, so even if someone steals your files, they can’t open them. That is exactly what encryption does. It prevents anyone from accessing your files, by using a cryptography algorithm and locking them with a password.

Many websites and services use encryption algorithms to protect your privacy and security. Can you do the same for your local files as well? Yes, you can absolutely do that, with the right software.

That is exactly what Cybersafe Top Secret Professional is for. Let us tell you more. First let us explore the program’s interface.

CyberSafe Top Secret has a simple GUI, which is user friendly. There is a side panel on the left edge of the program, and a larger pane on the right of the panel. This is where you will be accessing the program’s features.

The side panel in CyberSafe Top Secret Professional, is divided in to 4 parts:

  • Keys and Certificates
  • Files Encryption
  • Digital Signature
  • Drives Encryption

Keys and Certificates:

The key certificates which you create using CyberSafe Top Secret Professional, are very important. That’s because these keys are needed to decrypt the data which you have encrypted. In fact, the form which you fill up on this tab, is like a profile. It includes an option to add your photo to it, along with your email address, name, organization name, etc. You can set a password for this key, and also set how long the key will be valid for, i.e., you can set a period of validity, after which the key will expire. The certificate which you save, will be stored on the CyberSafe Server. The passwords you set can be up to

The program allows you to select between 1024 to 2048 to 4096 bits for the size of the key. This screen allows you to search for your keys, using the email address you used as the query option. It also lets you import your encryption keys to the program, and export them to use with other applications.You can have up to 3 private IDs, with 5 keys per ID. and a total of 20 recipients. The advantage in the pro version, is that you can use it with a network folder too.

Files Encryption:

Remember the concept of encryption is based on one principle, only the person who has the decryption key can access the files. So, make sure you don’t lose it, or you could end up losing the data forever.

The primary screen in, CyberSafe Top Secret Professional, can be used for encrypting your folders, and files. To add files and folders to be encrypted, you can use Add File or Add Folder option. But for a more easier way, you can simply drag and drop the files and folders on to the GUI. The program uses encryption algorithms like AES, RSA to encrypt data. The 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption System), is the latest and most secure one in the program. Want to hide folders to protect your documents and sensitive data, you can do that with CyberSafe Top Secret Professional.

CyberSafe Top Secret Professional Coupon Code

CyberSafe Top Secret Professional works with email clients too using the X.509 amd PKCS#12 encryption format certificates, as long as the email programs support S/MIME certification. This means it will work with Mozilla ThunderBird, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat! and more applications, and even on iOS and Android.

Once you have encrypted the files, you have the option to send them to your contacts, via email or cloud storage services. Usually sending files over the internet is a costly process, both in terms of data and time. So, if you want to create an archive of a folder or a collection of files, you can send it in a compressed file size, speaking of which CyberSafe Top Secrer Advanced has a very high compression rate. There are two ways you encrypt the archive, either encrypt the archive itself, or encrypt the files, and then compress them in to an archive, and then send it.

Don’t worry about security, the archive is password protected, and can still work on any which you create is password protected, so that the recipient can open it on their computer without any special programs. The important thing here, is that it allows for transparent encryption too, for your personal usage, so if you want to encrypt local files and store them on your hard drive, it is possible.

CyberSafe Top Secret Professional has Trusted applications and disallowed programs lists, which you can use to whitelist third party applications to read, copy, and edit files, or block unauthorized applications, including malware, from accessing the encrypted data.

Digital Signature:

You can use this option to sign files, with the security keys which you created, and also verify signatures for decrypting files..

Drives Encryption:

CyberSafe Top Secret Professional is not limited to encrypting files, folders and emails. It is also capable of encrypting entire hard drives, partitions and volumes, and even virtual drives. You can also use it with USB storage devices like Flash drives, and external hard drives, which have the NTFS file system.

Menubar Controls:

The top of the CyberSafe Top Secret Professional GUI, has a menubar with 5 options. The file menu can be used for creating encrypted zip archives, transparent folder encryption, file signatures. The edit menu is quite similar to the key certificates tab in the side panel. The view menu allows you to decrypt or encrypt files, or to view the keys which you created using the program.

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