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CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate Coupon Code

How much is your data worth to you? Invaluable? Most users are in the same boat as you. But what exactly are you doing to protect the data? Sure using an antivirus, and a firewall is a great idea, but is that enough?

What if someone manages to breach your network, and gains access to the files? Or your hard drive gets lost or stolen? You will not only lose your data, but someone else will be gaining access to your invaluable data. That is not good.

A good idea to make sure your data is not accessible by anybody else, is to encrypt the data. By encrypting your files, you are not only adding a password to protect them, but the encryption ensures that without the key to decrypt the data, nobody can actually use the files even if they managed to gain access to it. That is what we are talking about?

Now, how exactly are you going to encrypt your files? You are going to need a user friendly program to do this. And you have one with CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate.

Let us take a look at the program, and explain more aboout it. CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate has a minimalistic GUI with no complex bells and whistles. It does its job well and good.

There is a menubar on the top of the CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate window, and there are five options on the bar. The file menu option allows you to create encrypted archives, transparent encryption of files, and file signatures. The edit menu allows you to view, and manage key certificates. The view menu option can be used for encrypying and decrypting files, and also for viewing the keys which you added.

The side bar on the left of the CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate window comprises of 4 sections: Keys and Certificates, Files Encryption, Digital Signature and Drives Encryption. Selecting an option here, will display the options related to it, on the right pane.

Keys and Certificates:

Remember the options in the edit menu? The options in this tab of the sidebar, are the same. The keys which you create are personalized, thanks to the form which you need to fill up with information such as your name, email address, organization name, etc. There is an option to password protect the key, from unauthorized usage, and there is no limit to the passwords you can create, can be of any length. The more interesting option is that you can set the key to auto-expire after a period which you set, and store the key on the CyberSafe Server.

CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate Coupon Code

The public keys which you can set can be of 8192 bits in length for RSA keys, while the more secure algorithm i.e., BlowFish can be of 448 bits in length. You can search your keys using the email address which was used when you created the key. You can also import existing encryption keys, or export the ones you made using the program, for use with 3rd party programs.

It also supports 2 factor authorization for more enhanced security. Up to 10 private ids can be used with CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate, and you have no limitations to the number of keys in the IDs, or the number of recipients. You can use the program with network folders, with up to 2 licensed seats aka users.

Files Encryption:

The primary function of CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate, is housed in this tab. Use it carefully and don’t lose the decryption key, otherwise you will permanently lose your data.

You can use this tab for encrypting any of your files and folders. The Add File or Add Folder option can be used for adding the content which you need to be encrypted. You can drag and drop content on to the interface too. BlowFish is a much better encryption algorithm than the AES (Advanced Encryption System), so you don’t have to worry about the security of your encrypted files. There is an option in CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate, which allows you to hide folders, so that you can prevent unauthorized access to your most important documents.

In addition to this, you can encrypt emails using CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate, and is fully compatible with any email clients which you have(like Mozilla ThunderBird, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat!) as long as they can support S/MIME certification. The encryption method which is used for emails are X.509 amd PKCS#12, and this works with iOS and Android devices as well.

Encrypted files can be sent over the internet to your contacts, and you can compress the files into archives before sending them. You can choose to either encrypt the files and then compress the files into an archive, or create an archive and encrypt the archive. There is an option to password protect the file archive, so the recipient can open it on their computer easily.

You can also encrypt and store files locally using the transparent encryption option.

The Trusted Applications settings can be used to whitelist 3rd party programs, so you can access your encrypted data, or disallow programs from accessing the files. This effectively blocks malware from changing or opening your files too.

Digital Signature:

The third section on the sidebar in CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate, is Digital Signature. And this is the option which you want to sign files securely, with your encrypted security key. And you can use it to verify signatures, which allows you to decrypt files.

Drives Encryption:

You can use CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate for encrypting File containers, and Entire hard drives. Imagine that, your hard drive and all files on it are encrypted. You can also encrypt specific partitions, volumes, virtual drives, and external devices such as USB Flash drives, Hard drives, which use the NTFS file system.

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