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Directory Lister Enterprise Coupon Code

If your business has multiple computers, or hard drives, or network shared folders, you will be aware that they begin to accumulate a lot of documents, and other files. This becomes a problem, when you need to find a specific file.

You don’t know where the file is located. Then you have to use Windows Search or manually browse through entire folders, to find the file which you were looking for. That is time consuming, and the productivity of your employees takes a hit too. They could have completed some other work, had they not spent time looking for the file which they needed.

There is a way to fix this, and a simple one at that. All you need to do, is use Directory Lister Enterprise on your computers. As the name of the software suggests, this application can create a list of all the folders on your hard drive, or USB storage devices, CDs and DVDs and network folders, for your perusal.

Directory Lister Enterprise has a very user friendly interface, which consists of 3 panes. The one on the far left edge is the side panel, or the directory pane, and is used to navigate the various folders you have on your drivers. Selecting a directory here is the first step to generating a list in the program.

The right pane is where you will see the preview of the folder list which you want, and above the preview pane is another pane, which allows you to customize the columns, and other properties of the files and folders which you want to make a list out of. There are a lot of tabs in this pane, let’s see what they can do.

The first tab, standard columns, allows you to select all the properties which you want to include in your list such as the file path, file name, directory, extension, type, size, the date when the file was created, accessed and edited. If you want to include the hard drive’s volume label in the list, you can do so too. There are some advanced options which you can enable for listing files which are hidden, or set to be read-only, archived, compressed, and system files.

The Document columns tab can be used to view and list the properties like title, subject, author, keywords, comments, template, company, page count, word count, character count, application name, of common document types like Microsoft Office Word DOC, DOCX, Excel XLS, XLSX, PowerPoint PPT, PPTX, PDF, ODT, ODP, ODF, ODG, EPUB, FB2, etc.

The Multimedia columns tab, is for listing the properties of video, audio, and pictures. You can set the columns to display the height, width, frames per second for video and images, or the format of the audio, its title, bitrate, track, artist, album, year, genre, camera, etc. The software also supports MXF file format, for digital video and audio formats which use SMPTE standards.

The Other columns tab is useful for listing advanced properties such as the file hash values (for checking the integrity of the files) in the following formats: CRC32, MD5, SHA1, Whirlpool. You can also list the version of the file, or product (in case of software), and description, if available and more.

The display tab can be used for selecting the rows which Directory Lister Enterprise should list, such as directories, sub-directories, the file count, drive volume labels, etc. You can enable an option which will add a slash to the end of a directory path, and enclose sub-directories within <>. If you wish to have column names and summary displayed in the header, you can do that from this menu as well.

The Behaviour tab lets you toggle treating archives as directories, so the files in them will be listed, and the values of the hashes for folders. You can set the time, day, date and year, and length formats to be used in your folder list from the Format and sorting tab. It also has options to customize the separator symbol like comma, single quote, etc, and also enable the ascending/descending order option for each column in the list.

The Output Type tab, can be used for selecting the encoding format which you need to save the lists in, and also whether columns should be auto wrapped or their column width adjusted.The HTML tab allows you to save lists like a webpage, with complete control over the text color, font size, font type, and even include links for folders and files, so you can directly use them within your browser, and taken to the file or folder which you selected.

The column order tab lets you select the order in which the columns are displayed in your lists. The File filters and Directory filters tabs, is where you can exclude or include files and folders, from being included in the list which the program generates. This can be useful to hide sensitive documents from the list, and thus prevent access to them. You can also use it to list just the files which were opened, edited or created in a date and time which you selected.

Directory Lister Enterprise Coupon Code

You can save the lists generated by the software in any of the 5 available formats: Text (TXT), HTML, Microsoft Excel XLSX, and CSV formats or directly to your database using ODBC.

Directory Lister Enterprise allows you to export the database using ODBC through Microsoft SQL Server, Post GRE SQL, MySQL, Firebird or Microsoft Access Database. You can use customized installation scripts for multiple computers, with the help of the company, and also use portable versions of the program from a USB flash drive. Enterprise version users are eligible for professional and priority tech support from KRKsoft.

Directory Lister Enterprise can be used without opening the program, by using the Windows File Explorer right-click context menu, with which it integrates. So, you can create folder lists and save them directly, and save time too.

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