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Directory Lister Pro Coupon Code

If you work with multiple hard drives, which are host to a million or so files, you can rest assured. You are not alone. A lot of computer users accumulate so many files and organize them in folders, that it is not easy to actually know or even impossible to pin point where a specific file is located.

This becomes problematic, annoying even, when you quickly need to find a file you need. Windows Explorer and Search are definitely not great solutions for this. So, how do we solve this? We have a simple solution, which is possible with the help of KRKsoft’s Directory Lister Pro.

You can use the software to create a list of folders and all of its subfolders and files which you can open in your browser or a text editor or word processor, and use the search function (usually Ctrl + F) to find the location of a file instantly.

The interface of Directory Lister Pro is similar to File Explorer, and is easy to use. There are two panes in the application’s window. The left pane, or side panel, is where you can navigate the hard drive’s folders and sub folder. This works with internal hard drives, external hard drives, DVDs. CDs. USB Flash drives, Floppies, and Network Shared Folders.

The right pane is divided into two, with the lower half being the preview pane, The upper half of the right pane is where you can configure how your list should appear, i.e., which properties of the files should be listed, columns, etc. If your directory’s or volume labels have long names, you can resize the left pane to take up more space, by using the Split option from the View menu.

The standard columns tab can be used to set which of the following properties will be displayed in the list: file path, file name, directory, the file’s extension, file type, size, the date when it was created, last accessed, edited (written) etc. You can also set the program to show the volume label of the drive where files are present, and owner information of the files, and even important information like whether the files are read only, hidden, compressed, an archived, or a system file.

The Document columns tab has options to display the properties of document formats such as Microsoft Office DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, and other document formats like PDF, ODT, ODP, ODF, ODG, EPUB, FB2, etc. You can use it to select the title, subject, author, keywords, comments, template, company, page count, word count, character count, application name, and other properties.

Directory Lister Pro Coupon Code

The Multimedia columns tab can be used to view the properties such as the height, width, frames per second, video or picture or audio format, track, bitrate, artist, album, year, genre, title, camera, etc. The Other columns tab has selections for displaying the hash values of files such as CRC32, MD5, SHA1, Whirlpool formats, file or product version, description, etc. The display tab can be configured to customize which rows should be displayed (directory,file, sub-directories), volume label for drives, file count, and some unique options like ending directories with a backslash \ and surround sub-directories with <>. You can enable the summary and column names in the header.

The Behaviour tab is for enabling options like treating archives as directories, count the hashes for folders, among other settings. The Format and sorting tab lets you choose in what format the date, time, length units should be displayed (e.g.: MM/DD/YYYY, HH:MM, etc). You can also use this tab for selecting what separators should be used for thousands like comma, period, single quote, etc, and also for decimal values. You can choose how columns for files and folders are sorted, in ascending or descending order of the property (name, size, version, etc).

Moving on to the second list of tabs in the pane, the Output type tab lets you select which encoding format should be used for a selected output type, and also how the text in them should be saved, such as auto column width adjustment, or wrap columns.

The HTML tab can be used to customize how your list should appear, and whether it should link to files and folders, the link pattern, background colour, font style, size, etc. If you wish to change the order in which the property columns are displayed for each file, you can do so using the column order tab.

There are two filter tabs, called File filters and directory filters, which can be used to exclude or include files or folders from your list, and also select attributes which should be enabled or disabled. It also has an option using which you can filter files and folders to match only those which were created or written or accessed in a selected date and time period. You can rearrange the placement of the columns, using the column order tab, or reset the setting to its default option. The Program Options tab is where you can set how Directory Lister Pro will work.

The bottom pane, aka the preview pane, displays the list of folders and files which you have configured. So, you can use this section to see how your list will appear. You can select from one of 4 available formats to generate and save your list as: Text (TXT), HTML, Microsoft Excel, and CSV formats. You can use these documents in any word processor or browser to view and search the lists. You can send the lists to your contacts too, and Directory Lister has an option to send the list via email from the File menu.

You can use Directory List Pro without opening the program’s interface, using the right-click context menu in Windows’ File Explorer, or using the command line parameters. Now, that is what we call impressive.

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