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Directory Lister Standard Coupon Code

Do you have a lot of files on your hard drive? But do you know where each file is located? No, that is not easy to remember, and we constantly move our files around. We all do. It is nothing unusual.

Finding the right files becomes a real problem, when you have multiple hard drives, or truly innumerable folders. What do you do then? Use a file manager? But Windows File Explorer is not reliable when it comes to this, it can show you what a folders contents are, but it cannot collect everything at once to create a folder list.

This is where KRKsoft’s Direcrory Lister Standard steps in, to save your time. This software allows you to create lists

Directory Lister Standard has a very user friendly interface, which resembles Windows File Explorer, as in it has a directory pane on the left which you can use to browse the partitions and folders on your hard drive, or multiple hard drives. You can use the Split option in the View menu, to resize the left pane and the right pane, so you can view long directory names on the left pane. The program is not limited to hard drives, as you can use it to work with DVDs, CDs, floppies, USB storage drives (Flash drive, portable hard drive) or even network shared folders.

The right pane of the Directory Lister Standard’s GUI, is a large area which displays the contents of the folder or drive which you have selected on the side panel. The program will take a few seconds to search the selected portion of the drive, depending on the size and the number of files it has, and populates a list of the contents of it. This includes all the folders which it contains.

The top half of the right pane has various options to change the view of the preview pane. Each tab has different options which you can select or un-select.

The standard columns tab lets you select various properties of the files in the list. This includes the number count of the total files before each file, the file path, name of the file and directory, the extension of the file, the file type, size, creation date, last accessed date, write date, and whether it is a read only, hidden, compressed, system file or an archived one. It also displays the drive volume lable where the file is located, and the owner of the file (in case you have multiple users on the same computer).

The Behaviour tab can be used to change how Directory Lister Standard will treat various properties of files and directories. For example, you can use it to treat archives as directories, count hashes for directories, etc. The Format and sorting options allow you to choose the date, time and length format, which you may select based on your regional usage, and also the units and separators using which the file sizes are displayed, along with the sorting option for each column’s in ascending or descending order, You can also select which property a column should display.

You can customize the output format settings including the encoding, text options using the output type tab. The HTML tab lets you enable links to files, directories, customization of the background, Windows Explorer mode, and an option to use Internet Explorer for previews.

If you wish to change the order in which the property columns are displayed for each file, you can do so using the column order tab. The File filters and directory filters tabs can be used for including/excluding content, and to customize the list to include content by the date of creation, last write, last access, etc. The Program Options tab can be used for customizing Directory Lister Standard’s settings.

A truncated view of the list generated by the program, displayed on the bottom half of the right pane, which is like a preview pane. You can view the full list by saving the list using one of the many options which are available.

Directory Lister Standard Coupon Code

Speaking of which, you can save the list of folders which are generated by Directory Lister Standard in 2 formats: Text (TXT) and HTML formats. These can be used with other programs like Notepad, or any other Word Processor you have, or even your web browser to view the lists. The best part about these formats, is that these are commonly used file formats, and as such, you can send them to people whom you want to share the list with, and they can open the files, without the need to download an additional program. You can also copy the listing and paste it in to any program you want to, and work with it.

The preview pane is truly amazing in that, it displays the list result in the format which you want to save it in. So, a HTML view will include the colorful tabs and the rich text format which the format offers. The Text view on the other hand will display the plain text format, just like how it will be visible in the Notepad in Windows. So you can use the preview pane to make changes as you want it to appear. Want to send the file to a recipient via email? Hit the file menu and click on the send listing option.

If you don’t want to open Directory Lister every time you want to create a folder list, that is fine, as the program integrates with Windows File Explorer. This allows you to use the right-click context menu to generate folder lists. You can also print folder lists, using Directory Lister Standard, with all the customizations which you made.

Directory Lister is easy to use, and quick at what it does, and consumes almost no system resources. What more could a user want from such a software?

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