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How often do you watch videos on your computer? If your answer is everyday, or very often, you are not alone. We all watch videos and movies almost on a daily basis. After all, what is more relaxing than watching a good film from the comfort of your couch.

Now, what is your primary source for videos? There are various modes to choose from. I prefer buying DVDs, so I can save them to my hard drive, and watch them any time I want, without being disturbed by annoying video commercials. Sometimes I do stream movies, which I cannot find elsewhere. There are two other advantages to this, you can watch movies in higher resolutions, and not have your precious hard drive space eaten by an other wise large download.

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But online video services are not cheap, anbd consume a large chunk of your internet’s bandwidth, leaving little for other usage. Imagine you are away from a net connection for a while, what will you use for your entertainment needs? Local videos, of course, the ones you have on your portable drive or on the computer.

Next, we have to think about which video player to use. There are tons of free video players out there, which one should you use? My answer might surprise you, because it is none. Free video players lack the polished UI, that a premium player comes with, and the optimizations as well.

Recently, I tested a video player, and played some of my favorite movies and TV shows on it. I also ran a free video player alongside to test how they both work. And you know what, the premium player had rendered the video so beautifully and colorfully, than the free player which I had been using for years. I couldn’t believe that this had gone unnoticed. Just look at the screenshot below to see the difference.

What video player was this? Meet DivX Pro, and allow me to explore the features of the application, in detail.

DivX PRo has a nice glossy black interface, which makes it look really cool. The software has three main sections in the UI. First there is a menu bar on the top, then there are a set of playback buttons on the bottom left edge, and a small set of icons on the opposite edge.

The menu bar houses various options including the basic ones like opening a video, closing a video, and opening recent files, under the file menu tab. If you wish to adjust DivX Pro’s settings, you can do so from the preferences option, under “File”, and also view the video info from the same tab.

The more interesting option in this tab, is the option to import all your videos collectively into one interface, which is called as the Library. You can add folders to the library as well. This Library can be accessed from the View menu tab, and is customisable to some extent. You can change the video size, the aspect ratio to add black bars(if you have a very large monitor), from the View menu, and also rotate the video or flip it too.

The Tools tab has a few options which are very useful. You can use DivX Pro to burn videos to a disc, using the built-in disc burner option from the Tools tab. It also houses option to stream videos directly to the player. Yes DivX Pro has a web player built-in and which can be used for playing live streams, or videos in HEVC, 4K Ultra HS as well. The best part is that it can save videos for offline viewing, with an option which appears just a few seconds after the stream has begun.

DivX Pro can be used as a media server to stream content wireless to DLNA devices, Google Chromecast, game consoles, TVs, etc. You know what this means, don’t you? Yes, it can be used to play videos on your big screen TV.

The tools tab is home to the DFX Audio Enhancer, which lets you configure the Fidelity, Ambience, 3D Surround, Dynamic Boost, Hyperbass settings, and a few processing modes. It also has several presets for various music genre, boosting your audio experience.

Supported formats in DivX:

The following video formats are supported in the video player: DivX, AVI, M2V, M4V, MKV, MP4, MOV. MT2TS, MTS, MPG, TS, VOB, ASF, QT, WMV and RMVB. Sometimes you may want to download subtitles for movies, and DivX can play all popular formats such as SRT, SSA, ASS, XSUB, XSUB+, VobSub, SUB and IDX.

Why limit yourself to videos, when you can also use DivX Pro for playing your audio. It supports the most common formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, as well as MP2, PCM, Vorbis, LPCM, ADPCM. Combined with advanced options such as Dolby, DTS Surround and Real Audio, you can finally listed to music, like it was meant to be.

DivX Pro comes with a few other bonus features such as support for HEVC 10-bit playback, custom encode settings, and more importantly, a video converter. This can be used to convert video formats from MPEG-2 and VC-1 to DivX and more common formats like MKV and MP4, which can be played on smartphones, and other devices.


The toolbar in the bottom right corner, allows you to adjust the volume, enable/disable subtitle, toggle the full screen mode, access the MY Library (and playlists). See the camera icon at the very end of the bar? That is a screenshot button, which can be used to capture the picture you see on the screen.

There is a free version of DivX Pro which is ad-supported, and has limited features. So you can try it for yourself before buying the premium version.

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