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Do you download torrents? Are you aware of the risks when you download using P2P clients? Your IP address is publicly displayed to all seeders and peers, connected to the torrent. A simple way to prevent this from happening is by using HideMyAss VPN.

This prevents your IP address from being displayed by the P2P programs, and instead the VPN server’s IP address is seen by other people. This makes it impossible for anybody to track you. And HMA does not have any upload or download limit, to restrict your usage, so you can use it as much as you want to.

Unlike most VPNs which have a namesake no logs policy, HMA is honest up front. The VPN only stores your IP address which is used to make a connection to its server. Beyond that, there is no way to track your online activity, or any records of which website you visited, etc. And HMA deletes your IP address from its records after 3 months to protect your privacy.

You can use up to 5 devices to connect with a single HMA account, at the same time. The VPN is available for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. So, you can connect any of these devices to the VPN, and use them simultaneously. Each of these platforms have a dedicated app from HideMyAss, which makes using the service a user-friendly experience.

There are over 760 servers around the World, with 190+ locations which you can choose from. You can select any location to connect to, and your network’s IP address will make it appear that you are located in that Country. This allows you to unblock websites and services which are not available in your own Country. If you are travelling to another region, you can use HMA to access services and websites from your own region, as if you were at home.

An important feature in HMA, is that it encrypts your internet connection to stop all malware and network intrusions. So even if you were to use a public Wi-Fi, your network activity remains secure from hackers.