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Looking for a lightweight antivirus for your PC? HitmanPro.Alert will fit your bill very nicely. The installer for the application is 5 megabytes, and yes you read that correctly.

So how does such a small antivirus manage to pack a punch? Quite simply put, the program does not rely on a virus database to check for signatures, to detect malware. HitmanPro.Alert pro-actively monitors your computer for malicious activity and any suspiciously behaving program will be classified as malware, and quarantined before they can harm your computer.

This advanced scanner allows HitmanPro.Alert to stop even the most powerful malware, such as Ransomware, before other antivirus programs even recognize them. For example, if your PC has a ransomware which has not been detected, and it begins encrypting your data, HitmanPro will start backing up your other files, and if the encryption process continues, the ransomware is blocked. And Hitman will restore the backed up copies of the files, which it saved as a precaution to ensure there is no data loss.

There are no traces of malware left by HitmanPro.Alert’s cleaning process, unlike other antivirus software which just delete the files which were detected as malware. The program is capable of detecting PUAs such as toolbars, spyware, and other adware which may be secretly packaged into installers of legitimate programs.

And even though the program runs in the background, it hardly uses any memory, so your PC won’t be slowed down in any way. You can also run manual scans in the program, and the speeds are actually lightning fast.

HirmanPro.Alert can also secure your online banking experience by preventing attacks, by blocking malicious website from loading in your web browser. It also stops access to phishing websites, to keep your PC and financial information safe.

If you use a webcam, you may be aware that hackers can use the devices to spy on you. HitmanPro.Alert can notify you when the webcam is being accessed, and blocks access to the camera, to protect your privacy.

The application encrypts your keystrokes, to prevent keyloggers from stealing your passwords, usernames, and sending them to hackers.