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Just because you have a Mac doesn’t mean it is going to perform at its best forever. Not unless you do some regular maintenance. And that is exactly what MacKeeper Premium can help you with.

The biggest issue with Mac systems, is that they tend to run out of space rather quickly. And you have to regularly delete some data to recover free space. MacKeeper can do this in several ways. It can scan your hard drives and detect duplicate copies of files, which you can delete.

If you uninstall apps using the trash can, you may be aware that not all of the app’s associated data is deleted along with it. MacKeeper Premium has a Smart Uninstaller which can remove all of the app’s remnant files and folders, to make sure none of those are eating up your storage space. Likewise, MacKeeper can also delete temporary files like logs, unused language packs, caches, etc.

You can use the graphical representations in the Disk Usage tool, to see which of your folders, to see which ones are using up too much space, and use that information to delete the ones which you don’t need.

Worrying about malware affecting your Mac? You don’t have to, when MacKeeper Premium is monitoring your machine. The app can block all forms of malware and viruses, and also prevent malicious websites which may be infected, or involved in phishing, from infecting your web browsers(Safari, Firefox and Chrome), and thus prevents identity theft.

The app also frees up the Mac’s memory automatically, after you have closed a graphics heavy or memory intensive application. This allows your Mac to run better, when you continue using it.

MacKeeper is also a tracking tool, which can help locate your stolen or lost Mac. You can use the online dashboard or the iPhone app, to remotely locate the device, or lock it to prevent the thief from accessing your personal data. MacKeeper Premium can take a photo of the thief, and send it to you along with the location of the Mac, so you can give the information to the Police, to get your device back.