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Nero Platinum offers everything that the company has to offer in a single package. The suite comprises of about a dozen applications, which can be used for various purposes.

For managing your media, you get 3 programs: Nero DuplicateManager, MediaHome and MediaBrowser.

You can guess what DuplicateManager does, it analyzes the hard drive on your computer, and lists all duplicate copies of photos, that you can choose to delete, to gain some storage space.

MediaHome is a media player plus a organizer. You can add tags to your photos, and sort the content by date, time, places, etc. The program also works with videos, and music files. You can play any media with MediaHome, or use it as a streaming application to watch the videos, photos, or listen to music on other devices. Likewise, you can add media to the application, from your Android or iOS mobile device, or from external devices which you connect drives.

MediaBrowser can be used you to view photos, videos and music, and for importing media automatically when you download or copy media to your computer.

Editing videos which you have stored on your PC, USB Storage device, AVCHD is easy, thanks to Nero Video. You can also connect your camera or TV and record the video from the devices, to edit the videos too. The edited videos can be saved on to a DVD or Blu-ray disc, or AVCHD.

Converting videos is actually even more easier than this, thanks to Nero Recode. You can pick the manufacturer name, and model number of your device. You don’t even need to select the video format, resolution etc., because Recode does it for you. Nero Content is optional, but gets you some extras such as movie themes, transitions, disc menus, etc.

NeroBurning ROM and Nero Express are tools which can be used for buring content on to DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray discs. There are disc profiles which can be used for selecting what type of disc you want to burn, like discs which can auto-run, audio discs, video discs, data discs, bootable discs, etc, or create ISO and UDF virtual disc images. If you want to save data from a disc, to your PC, the Disc to Device tool is invaluable.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it must be to make a label for a disc, or for the disc’s cover? It is very easy to do so, using Nero CoverDesigner.

Nero BackItUp allows you to create backups of your important documents, media etc, and save them on your hard drive or to the Nero Cloud, or external hard drives.

Nero RescueAgent can be a lifesaver, if you deleted files by mistake. You can even recover data from damaged drives and discs, even those partially readable files.

Is your PC running slow? Nero TuneItUp can save the day with its temporary files cleaner, startup manager, driver updater, all of which can speed up your computer.