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Want to protect your computer with the best antivirus? VIPRE Advanced Security for Home can be the one you are looking for. The detection rates on this antivirus are incredible, so chances of infections are literally zero.

Even ransomware attacks aren’t a threat when you have VIPRE guarding the PC.  The Advanced Active Protection mode constantly scans every file which you copy or open, to make sure that these aren’t malware. This scanner also uses a behavioral analysis to check if any running process show signs of malicious activity, and blocks zero-day threats. The antivirus can detect and prevent viruses, rootkits, trojans, and other malware.

The program manages to do all this, while using very little RAM, so the PC doesn’t lag while you work with other programs. The scanning processes are also optimized so well, that the computer isn’t impacted.

Don’t worry about forgetting to run scans, because the Scheduled Scan option in VIPRE, will automatically run a scan at the time and date which you set. And in case the computer was not on, or if your laptop is running low on battery, the scheduled task will be run at the next opportunity. You can run manual scans too, and select among the quick scan, full scan and custom scan modes. Any of these scans can be set to run as a scheduled task too.

Any incoming attacks from the internet is automatically blocked by the Firewall, and you can create rule sets for your applications too, to prevent them from sending your data to unknown servers. Likewise, you can use the web filters to block malicious websites, and also manually include any bad website which you want to blacklist, or whitelist a website which is incorrectly blocked.

You don’t have to manually check for updates to other programs which you have on the PC, because VIPRE Advanced Security will do that for you, and download the new versions for you. The application scans for missing Windows Updates, and alerts you accordingly, so you can update the PC, to deal with any security issues they may have caused.