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Dr.Web Antivirus Coupon Code

With the increase in the number of malware with each passing day, it is important that you use a reliable antivirus software for your computer, regardless of which operating system you use.

But, in addition to security, you should also look to one key feature in a security product, performance. You don’t want your antivirus to hog down your system when you are working on it, or watching a movie, or playing a game. Most free antivirus products are not capable of delivering on such expectations, and in fact are riddled with ad-banners and pop-up nag screens.

We have the perfect premium security solution which has none of the disadvantages of those, and all of the positive features we mentioned. And that is why we whole-heartedly recommend Dr.Web Antivirus, not just for its low resource usage, and speedy scans, but also because it offers a very reliable real-time protection.

Let’s find out more about the software in this review. The important or unique thing about Dr.Web Antivirus, is that it does not have a single interface to access all of its features, like most of its rivals do. Instead, you have to use the icon on the system tray, to bring up the following options, which appear in a minimalistic pop-up menu.

  • My Dr.Web
  • License
  • Tools
  • Protection Components
  • Update
  • Scanner

My Dr.Web is the online portal for your subscription, and has some useful support options. The License tab can be used to check your subscription information, including how long your license is valid for, when it will end, and the owner information, and whether your subscription is active.

The Tools option has the following shortcuts: Anti-virus Network, Quarantine Manager and Support. The Anti-virus Network is a remote access protocol, which can be used to manage the settings of the Dr.Web products installed on your other computers.

The Quarantine Manager is the vault, where the malicious objects which were detected by Dr.Web Antivirus’ scanner, are isolated and stored safely away from the rest of your operating system. There is a search option in this screen, which can be used for entering a search term. The Quarantine Manager neatly lists all detected malware, trojans, etc, with their name, threat info and the time and date when the detection was made, along with the folder location, where the malicious file was found. You can delete items from here permanently, or restore a false positive detection.

The Support tab can be used to check if you have the latest version of Dr.Web Antivirus, and also see when the antivirus update was installed. You also have quick access to support options such as Dr.Web technical support, the community forums, security tips, and My Dr.Web.

The Protection Components tab allows you to toggle these tools: SpIDer Guard, SpIDer Gate, and Preventitive Protection.

SpIDer Guard is the main component in Dr.Web Antivirus, as it is the real-time protection tool, which actively protects your computer from viruses and other malware. The program uses hyperthreading technology in multi-core computers, which enables the scanning engine to run scans really fast. The scanner can analyze the RAM, boot sectors, hard drives, and also on USB storage devices like flash drives and external hard drives.

Dr.Web Antivirus not only detects viruses and more powerful malware, but also lesser threats such as trojans, spyware, riskware, adware, etc ensuring that your computer is totally secure. And yes, your system is also safe and secure from encryption ransomware, injectors, and remotely controlled malware, to prevent any kind of destructive attacks.

Dr.Web Antivirus can also detect deeply embedded rootkits which try to hide, using the Dr.Web Shield anti-rootkit. There is a command line scanner which can be used to detect malware with multi-core optimization options.

SpIDer Gate available for Linux and macOS can be used for scanning your system’s internet traffic, to scan incoming and outgoing data to prevent malicious websites from loading in all browsers. It also helps in blocking phishing attacks. The important thing about the filter is that it works with HTTP and HTTPS (encrypted over SSL) traffic. It helps protect instant messengers from attacks, and also helps in improving the download and streaming speeds of your computer’s network.

The Preventive Protection in Dr.Web Antivirus is a shield which protects against zero-day attacks. To do this, the program uses traditional signature based detection and an advanced behavioural based scanner, which scans applications for malicious activity. So, new threats are blocked even before they are added to the virus database. There is a SelfPROtect component in the program, which it uses to block malware from making changes or disabling the antivirus.

And now for the Scanner in Dr.Web Antivirus. There are three scan types to choose from: Express Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan.

Dr.Web Antivirus Coupon Code

The Express scanner is the fastest of the three, as it only scans critical system objects for malware. The Full scan as the name indicates, analyzes all the files on your computer’s hard drive, and also on removable storage devices. The custom scan option will only scan the files and folders which you selected, for malicious objects.

Oh and just a small tip. You can click on the lock icon in the sytem tray icon’s menul, to access the settings of Dr.Web Antivirus, or on the graph icon to view the detected items and other stats, and the help section.

In addition to getting a superb security solution with Dr.Web Antivirus for your Windows or Mac or Linux computer, you also get an antivirus for your Android or iOS phones for free, at zero exta cost. The antivirus is compatible with VirtualBox, VmWare, Hyper-V, Parallels

A light-weight antivirus, with a superb detection rate, and speedy scans is just what your computer needs, and that is exactly what Dr.Web Antivirus is capable of delivering.

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