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Dr.Web KATANA Coupon Code

Want a really fast antivirus with no noticeable resource usage? One which can protect you against the latest threats? You have come to the right place for this.

What are zero-day attacks?

Zero-day attacks are basically new malware or viruses, which antivirus companies are not aware of that time. When a new virus or malware is made by hacker and set loose, it not necessarily uses the same techniques to infect a system or take over it. And it also takes time for any antivirus company to collect the data about the new threat. Then they have to test the threat, what it affects, how it impacts a computer, and only then can they find a fix for the issue, and roll out an update for the virus database. Finally, your antivirus has to download and install the update on your computer.

It is after this, that your computer is protected against the zero-day threat. Now imagine the time taken for the malware attack to begin, and the fix to arrive. It could be minutes or hours or even days, and your PC could be vulnerable during the entire time.

So, how do you protect your computer during the time it is prone to zero day threats? We have a better idea, why not get an antivirus which can protect your computer from zero-day threats all the time?

Dr.Web KATANA does this exact thing, which is why we recommend it. Let’s find out more about the product.

Dr.Web KATANA uses the same behavioral based technology used in Dr.Web Antivirus and Security Space. So how does it work anyway? Unlike traditional antivirus products which rely on an antivirus signature database to detect malware, Dr.Web KATANA doesn’t depend on such a method. Instead, it uses a much more efficient method to protect your computer. It monitors the behavior of your applications for signs of malicious activity. And if it finds a program which is trying to exploit a vulnerability, it instantly blocks the program from infecting your PC. The malicious program is placed in quarantine, where it cannot harm your computer.

So even if a malware tries to transfer money from your account, or steal your credentials, it will be rendered useless. This even works when your PC is still booting, before your regular antivirus can even start.

This also means that your computer is secured, even if you do not have an active internet connection. Can your antivirus offer such an offline shield against zero-day threats? Dr.Web KATANA protects your computer from the moment it is installed. And it does so, without hogging down your computer to a crawl. The resource usage of the software is so minimal, that you may not even notice it is running in the background.

You literally do not have to configure a single setting, it is kind of like your plug and play hardware, except your samurai sword aka Katana after which it is named is a digital install and forget thing. Dr.Web KATANA has many pre-installed protection scripts for securing your computer. But don’t worry, you do have options to customize the settings to suit your usage.

Now moving on to the interface of the app, clicking on the system tray icon, brings up the GUI of Dr.Web KATANA. And we found it to be very minimal, not only in terms of design, but also because of the number of options available.

Dr.Web KATANA Coupon Code

There are just three tabs in the interface: License, Update and Protection.

The License tab displays your license type, the owner information, the date when your subscription was activated, the date when the license’s validity will end, and how many days remain until that date.

The Update tab tells you when the program was updated last, and when the next update is scheduled to happen. Actually you don’t need to worry about this, since Dr.Web KATANA keeps itself updated automatically. You can still check for an update manually if you want to.

The third option, Protection, is not a tab, but a button which you can use to disable or re-enable Dr.Web KATANA. It is indicated by a toggle switch which is grayed out when the protection is turned off. The system tray icon of the app also disables an exclamation mark with a hover-on text message which says the computer security might be at risk.

There are three icons in Dr.Web KATANA’s interface: Tools, Settings and Help.

Clicking the tools icon opens the license tab, but you can also use the window to access the quarantine manager screen. The software displays the list of detected objects here, along with their threat info, the date when it was detected and the folder location where the malware was found on the computer.

The settings icon can be used for changing the language of the program’s interface, and to manage the settings of Dr.Web Katana which you can import or export to your hard drive as a file. You can change the frequency of automatic updates, use a proxy server from the update screen.

The Self-protection option allows you to disable or enable the self-protection and block user activity emulation modules of the program, as well as block the changing of the system’s date and time. You can optionally opt-in to connect to the Dr.Web Cloud to help contribute in detecting real-time threats. You can use the protection tab, to set the operation mode, configure the program will handle suspicious activity blocking, general application access, and the exploit prevention settings of Dr.Web KATANA.

The best part in Dr.Web KATANA is that it can be installed alongside your existing antivirus, and it will work with it without any conflicts. And you can use it on any PC, even if it is still running on Windows XP, or the latest version of Windows 10. You can try Dr. Web KATANA for 30 days, for free, and if you are impressed with it, you can opt for the premium version.

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