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When we talk about malware and viruses, we think about computers. That is because they are the most commonly infected systems, prone to malicious programs. But are they the only devices which are vulnerable? Isn’t there a pocket computer, which you use for your day to day communication, shopping, social networking, emails, etc? Yes, that’s right, we are talking about your Android smartphone, and yes, they are not 100% secure.

Despite many top websites claiming Android devices don’t need antivirus apps, and even Google claiming so, you come across articles from security research companies and antivirus makers who disprove this claim. From time to time, the Play Store is purged of apps which were malware. Yes, anyone could download such malicious apps on their phones, and their device could get infected.

Android malware also infect devices in other ways, sometimes they exploit rooted devices, to deeply embed themselves into the operating system, and you cannot remove the malware, even if you factory reset the device. Only a re-flash or re-installation of the operating system, which will format the partitions can save the device, and this is often very complicated for the average user.

Another way which devices get infected with are through ads. You may have come across ads which flash a banner or has a message saying “Your device is infected”, or “Your device is slow, tap to speed it up”, or something like that. These ads are almost always bad ones, and tapping on them usually redirects to a malicious URL, from where a malware app could be downloaded to your device, or your data could be transmitted to thieves or hackers.

Still think your Android device doesn’t need an antivirus to prevent all of these? Dr.Web Mobile Security is here to save your day.

Dr.Web Mobile Security is also called as Dr.Web Security Space for Android. They are the same app. The interface of Dr.Web Mobile Security, is simplistic with simple icons and text labels for a minimal design. Each label has a description below it, which explains the functionality of every section. This makes it a very user friendly experience.

There are 6 sections in the interface of Dr.Web Mobile Security:

Call and SMS Filter
URL Filter
Security Auditor

The Scanner is the antivirus component in Dr.Web Mobile Security, and has three types of scans. The Express Scan will analyze your installed apps for malware, while the full scan checks all of your files for malicious content. The custom scan can be used for selecting specific files and folders, and the app will check only those files for malware. This is useful if you want to check a file you just copied to the device or downloaded a new file.

The scan results displays information about the total number of objects scanned, the number of threats detected, the scan type, the time when the scan was started and the time taken for the scan to be completed. It also shows you how many of your device’s processor cores were used for the scan.

The Call and SMS Filter can be used for protecting you from unwanted callers, SMS text messages and spam content. You can manually add numbers to the blacklist to block specific people. There are 4 filtering profiles in the app using which you can decide which calls and SMS will be accepted or blocked: Accept all calls (and SMS), Reject All, Contact List and Blacklist.

So for example, if you select contact list, only the calls and messages from the numbers in your contacts will be allowed to go through, while unknown numbers will be blocked.

The URL Filter in Dr. Mobile Security when enabled uses Android’s accessibility features, to intercept and block malicious content from your web browser, and other apps on your phone. This includes a database of websites which are known to be infected, and specific selection of objectionable content which can be configured manually.

Dr.Mobile Security’s anti-theft option can be used for tracking your device using GPS location and SIM card, should your phone get stolen or lost. Once you set up an anti-theft password, you can set the device to lock with a password after rebooting, and nobody can unlock the phone without the specific password.

If someone tries to change a SIM card, the device will be locked asking the user to enter the password. You can add your friends to the buddies list, so they will get an SMS when a new SIM card is inserted. And you can enable your current SIM cards as trusted, so it doesn’t get flagged.

You can set up a lock screen message to read “This device is lost or stolen. To contact the owner, please send an email to youremailaddress@emailprovider.com”. Reward offered for return.”

Dr.Web Mobile Security Coupon Code

You can customize the message if you want to. And, if an honest person comes across your lost device and reads that message, you could get the phone back. That’s pretty cool

The Firewall component in Dr.Web Mobile Security is incredible. It allows you to monitor you apps’ internet traffic usage. So you can easily find out which of the apps is using a lot of data, and even set limits for mobile internet data usage.

The Security Auditor analyzes your phone for vulnerabilities, such as “installation of apps from third party sources is allowed” or “USB Debugging is allowed”, and prompts you to disable the settings for such security issues, and doing so will prevent malware from exploiting these loopholes to infect your phone.

Dr. Web Mobile Security also enables a toolbar which is accessible from the notification shade, which allows you to quickly navigate to the app’s scanner, profile, URL filter sections, or open the app’s main screen.

You can try Dr. Web Mobile Security for free for 2 weeks, before deciding to go for the premium version.

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