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Dr.Web Security Space Coupon Code

If you have a PC or a Mac, you are very likely to be concerned about the security of your computer. And that is sensible, after all more and more malware are being released every year, which wreaks havoc on computers, and the data on the devices.

Dr.Web Security Space’s GUI, which can be accessed from the system tray. Clicking on the icon, brings up a pop-up menu, which also serves as an interface for the program, which as you can tell has a minimalistic design, and in turn makes it very user friendly to navigate.

There are 6 tabs in the pop-up menu of Dr.Web Security Space: My Dr.Web, License, Tools, Protection Components, Update, Scanner.

There are three buttons in the same menu, the lock icon unlocks the settings of the program. The graph icon shows the statistics logged by the software, while the question mark is for accessing the help file. My Dr.Web as the name suggests, is the website portal for your account. The License tab us part of the Tools window, and allows you to view the product information, your license and owner details and status indicated by a checkmark, along with the date when the subscription was activated, and the date when the subscription will end. You can see how many days remain for your license to run out.

The Tools tab essentially offers the same tools as seen in the above window as the license tab, but also has direct shortcuts to four tools in the program: Data loss Prevention, Anti-virus Network, Quarantine Manager and Support.

Data loss Prevention allows Dr.Web Security Space to automatically backup your files, to prevent unauthorized modification or damage. So using these protected copies, you can restore files to their original state. You can select which files and folders should be protected, and where the backups should be saved, create copies or restore files from the same screen.

The Anti-virus network allows you to review the information about the Dr.Web products installed on your other computers. It can also be used for accessing the settings, and managing them if you have remote access to the computer which has Dr.Web installed on it.

The Quarantine Manager is where the malicious items detected by Dr.Web are stored. You can refresh the list, search it manually using a keyword, delete a file permanently. Detected malware objects are listed with their name, threat information, date on which it was detected, and the file’s path name where it was located.

The Support tab lists the version information of Dr.Web Security Space, the last time when an antivirus update was installed, and options to get assistance from Dr.Web technical support, the company’s official forums, security tips, and the My Dr.Web support portal.

Protection Components can be used for disabling or enabling the following components: SpIDer Guard, SpIDer Gate, SpIDer Mail, Parental Control and Preventitive Protection.

SpIDer Guard is the real-time protection in Dr.Web Security Space, which constantly monitors files for active virus threats. The scanning engine works in high speed using hyperthreading in multi-core systems. It is capable of scanning for malware, trojans, viruses, spyware, riskware, adware, etc in RAM, boot sectors, hard drives, and also on USB storage devices. The important thing here is that it also includes Dr.Web Shield anti-rootkit, to detect complex rootkit exploits which viruses may use to hide on a system. Expert users can use the command line scanner for running scans too.

Dr.Web Preventive Protection is a zero-day shield which uses both signature based detection and behavioural analysis to protect your PC against new malware. Dr.Web secures itself from attacts using SelfPROtect to ensure it is not altered by malware is a unique anti-virus component that maintains anti-virus security.

SpIDer Gate is the HTTP monitor filtering service, which intercepts your web traffic to download files or stream music and videos faster, and to scan both incoming and outgoing HTTP connections to block infected web pages in all browsers, files, and also helps prevents phishing attacks. It can also scan encrypted HTTPS traffic via SSL, and protects instant messengers from malware. Websites with malicious content are automatically blocked to protect the user.

SpIDer Mail is the built-in anti-virus and anti-spam for your email client, which scans traffic in all ports, to ensure that the mails which are received by your email-app is free from malware. This includes full support for SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP4 and SSL based connections like SMTPS/POP3S/IMAP4S. The anti-spam module helps in preventing emails from scammers, phishing, pharming, botnets, etc to keep your email account safe.

Dr.Web Parental Control scans all web traffic to prevent content which is not appropriate for children. It can also be used to limit your kid’s internet and computer usage with time based systems, after which access will be blocked. You can use the module to block access files, folders and network drives so your important documents, and other data which you want to make sure are not modified, opened or deleted.

Dr.Web Security Space’s scanner has three scan types: The Express scanner can be used to scan critical system objects. The Full scanner allows you to scan all files on your hard drive, and removable media. The custom scan can be used to scan only specific files, and folders which you selected.

Dr.Web Security Space Coupon Code

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Dr.Web Security Space offers rock solid security, which can protect your computer from all kinds of malware, even if the threat is something, which is not a known one.

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