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Dr.Web Universal Bundle Coupon Code

Does your company use a lot of computers and a server? Do your employees each have their own company email addresses? If so, you must ensure each and every device in your organization, to protect your company’s data.

You don’t need to go searching for security software for each of your devices. Not when we have a superb collection suited for this purpose.

Dr.Web Universal Bundle offers 6 great security products in a single package: Control Center, Desktop Security Suite, Server Security Suite, Mail Security Suite, Gateway Security Suite and Mobile Security Suite.

Dr.Web Control Center:

The Dr.Web Control Center for enterprises allows your IT team a centralized way to manage the anti-virus protection for all devices in your company, which includes computers, and smartphones. You can use the software to control every aspect of the anti-virus protection of your corporate network from anywhere and on any computer, as long as the computer is connected to the internet.

That means you can use this to actually manage the security of your computers even if they are in multiple branches across the network, and with no special skills required.

You can use the Control Center to monitor the status of all the computers, and when a virus attack or some abnormal behaviour of a system, or a vulnerability is detected, the software will send you notifications, and allow you to set a response to the incident, which can be automated too.

In case of scan results, file deletion, problems with the network, the software can display notifications in the web-administator, or email it. The Control Center uses Windows NAP (Network Access Protection) for the Web-administrator, and allows you to customize event handlers in any scripting language. You can use the software to audit logs of each component separately, including the activities and installation. Reports from the web-administrator can be saved in CSV, HTML, XML or PDF formats

It works with small workgroups and large intranets equally reliably, and also uses minimal data traffic, which also supports data traffic compression in TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and NetBIOS networks.

Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite:

This suite comprises of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows, Linux and macOS, Dr.Web KATANA, Dr.Web Console scanners and Dr.Web Control Center.
Dr.Web Universal Bundle Coupon Code

Dr.Web Anti-virus is a very reliable real-time protection for computers, and includes two layers of security: Preventive protection and Real-time active protection. The former uses behavioral analysis of your programs, checking them for malicious activities and blocking them to prevent malware from running. This ensures zero-day threats are blocked too. This same technology is also used in the stand-alone antivirus, Dr.Web KATANA.

The real-time monitor in Dr,Web Anti-virus, which is called SpIDer Guard can protect your PC from viruses, malware, trojans, spyware, riskware, adware, rootkits, etc.

SpIDer Gate is exclusive to Linux and macOS. And scans your internet traffic over HTTP and HTTPS to prevent malicious files from being transferred, and to block dangerous websites in every web browser. This essentially blocks phishing attacks, and also secures instant messaging apps from attacks.

Dr.Web Console scanners are command line tools, which can be run from CDs or USB flash drives and used to scan for and remove malware from infected systems.

Dr.Web Server Security Suite:
This suite includes antivirus products for servers which run on Windows, Mac OS or Unix Samba. The antivirus is capable of neutralizing malware even when the software is being installed. You can effectively manage the security of all your PCs and severs in the network from any computer, even without the Control Center.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite supports multi-thread scanning for speedy scans. You can even install the antivirus remotely using Login Script and Active Directory policies. To prevent over loading the server, the antivirus checks the available system resources for smart optimization. You can let the antivirus scan and update automatically, or manually or to follow a schedule.

The antivirus uses a non-distracting notification system, to notify users when issues are detected.

Dr.Web Mail Security Suite:

This component is available for MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, Unix and Kerio mail servers, and helps protect your company’s email network from viruses and other malware. This negates chances of one of your employees’ email accounts neing broken in to, and in turn protects your customer’s contact information.

Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite:

Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite can secure your Unix, Kerio, Qbick, WinGate, MIME, Sweeper, MS, ISA/Forefront and TMG servers, and prevents network intrusions by hackers. It works along side the Server Suite.

Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite:

Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite is an advanced antivirus app for smartphones which is capable of 6 things. First, it can detect all installed apps on the phone, or all the files stored on the device for malware.

The Call and SMS Filter in the app can be used to blacklist unwanted callers and messages, and also allows you to set a filter level such as All Numbers, Or All Unkwown numbers or Contacts only, which will only let calls and messages from people who are in your contacts list.

The URL Filter is very useful, as it can intercept links from your web browser to prevent dangerous websites from loading, and thus prevents malware.

The Anti-theft feature allows you to track stolen or lost devices, locks the device and can be used to set a custom message on the lockscreen too.

There is a Firewall which can log network data usage by apps, and which also allows you to limit the data usage. The Security Auditor analyzes your phone and reports the security vulnerabilities in the device, so you can correct the issues.

You can also use the Mobile Control Center from your Android or iPhone or iPad device, to manage the security of your devices from a centralized dashboard.

Rock solid security for all your devices, in a single package. You can’t get a better security solution than this.

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