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Do you build your own computer? Me too. It is not an easy task is it? Finding the right motherboard, processor, tower, and every other piece of hardware, requires a great deal of research. You need to find which of the latest components will fit your budget, and also if they will be future proof.

Once you have read a lot of reviews about everything, and buy the parts, you build the PC, and install Windows on it. Next, comes a tricky part, installing the drivers. Now, Windows 10 comes with a lot of drivers available via Windows update, and also some are pre-installed in it, aka generic drivers, which helps you get your system up and running.

But is it enough? Not really. Your PC’s unique hardware will require a specific driver, which will allow it to work with the operating system, and in various applications and games. Here is another problem, not every OEM ships a driver CD with their hardware, and not every PC will have a CD or DVD drive, because discs have become obsolete.

What do you do then? Where will you get the drivers from? You could try going to the manufacturer’s website, and look for the right drivers. That is not exactly easy, as you could end up downloading an incorrect driver, and of course the time taken for searching for each driver on the website of each of the OEM’s websites is really a huge waste of time.

That’s why we can recommend you use an application which can get all the drivers for you from a single interface. Say hello to DriverMax.

DriverMax has a modern interface, which uses tabs for navigating. There are 5 tabs in the GUI:

  • Home
  • Driver Updates
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Settings

The Home tab is the main screen in Driver Max. It has 3 sub-section. The “Your PC” area lists the information about your computer including the operating system and its edition, the processor model number and its clock speed, the amount of RAM, the total amount of storage including the external hard drives you have connected to the PC.

DriverMax Coupon Code.

You can also see the version of DriverMax Pro which you have on the PC. The right half of the Home screen has a single button, which says “Scan for Driver Updates Now”. Click it and you will see the results in the next area explained below.

The Last Scan results area, lists the information about your drivers, including how many outdated drivers were found by the program’s scanner, along with the number of unknown devices, and up to date device drivers.

In addition to this, DriverMax also displays a pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen, near the system tray, which reads a message that the program found updates for your drivers. It has an option to view the updates and an option to postpone the reminder to a later time (a day, week or month).

The Driver Updates tab has a badge which shows how many updates were found, and lists all of the driver updates in a list for you to review.

Each driver update has the name of its devices and the version number displayed on the screen. Hover over an update listed in the screen, and you will see a note icon. Click on this to bring up some advanced information such as the name of the device, the current driver version, the date when it was installed, and the new driver’s version number and the date when it was available.

Hovering over an update, and you will see a button which says Update. Use it to install the specific update, or use the drop down menu next to it to view matching devices, i.e., to which devices these drivers will be compatible with. It also has an “Ignore this Update” option, which you can use to avoid installing the specific version of the driver. Or you can also use the checkbox, which can be found to the left of every driver, which you can uncheck in case you want to skip a driver update.

This is the good thing about DriverMax, you can ignore an update, unlike Microsoft’s Windows Updates which cannot be skipped. Also, the updates which are available through DriverMax are all digitally signed by the OEM, so you can rest assured that they are safe to install them. Scrolling down the list will also display the names of the latest device drivers which you have installed, along with their version numbers.

Or, simply use the Download And Install button with all the checkboxes marked, to install all of the updates in one go.

Now, what if a driver install doesn’t go well. You don’t have to worry about that, because DriverMax creates a system restore point, before installing the drivers, which you can use as a fail-safe, to revert to. You can also manually create system restore points from the Backup tab in DriverMax. In addition to this, it can also create a driver backup archive, to save all your drivers, to restore from in case of future issues.

The Restore tab can be used for restoring the PC to a system restore point, or to restore from a previous backup, or using a driver rollback. DriverMax saves previous driver downloads, which you can use to restore to. Can you do this with Windows Update? Of course not.

After installing a driver or multiple drivers, DriverMax will reboot the PC to complete the process.

The Settings tab can be used to access your DriverMax account, view your subscription information, and for changing how often the program to check for driver updates, every day or week or month, and if it should download drivers automatically, and see the list of ignored device drivers.

DriverMax is without a doubt the most user friendly way to keep your computer’s drivers updated.

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