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So, you have a lot of financial documents, or personal data on your computer. You browse online, buy products from websites. Everyone does, it is not an issue. But when you delete your personal data, is it truly gone? 

It should be, because you used shift and delete, which doesn’t send the files to the recycle bin. This command deletes the data permanently. Or maybe you used some cleaner program to do this task. 

The answer to this question, may surprise some of you. Despite the deletion process which we mentioned, some of your data could have survived on the disk. That’s because that’s how storage drives work, they don’t store the data like ink on a paper. Hard drives consist of clusters, which in turn consists of sectors. The files which you download, copy, etc, are stored in these sectors. 

The thing is, these sectors may not be next to each other. This is actually the reason why your computer also opens the files slower. This process is what is called Disk Fragmentation, but that’s not what we are discussing here.  

Back to the topic about privacy, when you delete data from your computer, not all the sectors which had the files, will be cleared. So, the data will still be partially available on the sector. Normally, that is fine, and as you continue using the PC, the sectors will eventually get overwritten. But that  may take days, or weeks or months, depending on how much you use the computer.  What this means is that the deleted data on the harddrive could be recoverable, for quite sometime. 

Can you imagine what could happen when a thief or hacker gets access to your personal or financial data? Chaos, what else. 

Now, how do you ensure that a file is completely deleted. You need to overwrite the sector in which the data was stored. That doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do though. Don’t worry, we have just the application for you, east-tec Eraser. 

This application not just deletes data, but also overwrites the space where the files were stored, called a wipe or secure deletion, which leaves zero chances, when it comes to recovering the data. So, even if somebody tries to steal a deleted file, they cannot. 

They might have called it easy tech Eraser, because that is how much user friendly east-tec Eraser is, to use. The interface of east-tec Eraser has 6 tabs: Dashboard, Privacy Guard, Erase Files & Folders, Erase Deleted Data, Media Wiper and Scheduler. 


The Dashboard is the main screen of east-tec Eraser, and tells you the status of the Application version, i.e., whether the version you have is up-to-date, and also the status of the Privacy Guard. 

There is also a Run Erase Deleted Data option, which we will explain in a bit. 

Privacy Guard: 

This module in east-tec Eraser, allows the program to scan for and delete personal data from your web browser and Windows folders. This ensures that your browsing habits are not tracked by advertisers, websites, etc. The Windows folders which the application deletes are the temporary files folders and other content, which can help you recover precious storage space. There are two options here: Erase Now and Advanced. 

The Erase Now option is the default one which erases data from the browsers, applications which you have on the computer, and the system traces, etc. It is worth mentioning that Erase Now does allow you to see the data which the program will erase, and you can double-click on any of the item in the list, to configure what data should be deleted from it.  Once the erasing process is done, you will be prompted with a pop-up screen with a summary, usually requiring you to restart the computer to finish deleting the files which are being used by Windows or some other applications. 

If you want more control over the deletion, choose “Advanced” and you will be able to select everything which east-tec Eraser should delete the data from. It may look similar to “Erase Now”, but you can select which applications, browsers, the program should clean the data of. So, in case you want to uncheck some applications whose data should not be deleted, you can do that from the Advanced Screen. The same applies to Windows System components such as Recycle Bin, prefetch data, DNS Cache, etc. You can select the scan first option to go through the results and uncheck the data which you want to save or use the scan and erase option to quickly erase the data. 

The Advanced Settings allows you to choose the erase actions, SSD Options, confirmations, how Shadow Copies should be handled, file and folder exlcusions, the error handling, context menu options etc. You can choose the overwrite buffer and the security level of east-tec Eraser’s eraser which uses various algorithms such as the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard), Russian GOST P50739-95, German VSITR, Bruce Schneier Algorithm, Peter Gutmann Method, to name a few. 

east-tec Eraser Coupon Code

Erase Files and Folders: 

The Erase Files and Folders option allows you to manually add specific files and folders to the erase queue. 

Erase Deleted Data: 

Don’t be confused by the name. What this means is that deleted data may remain on the hard drive’s sectors, until something new, like another file is written on the sector, which will wipe the previous data. The Erase deleted data option in East-tec Eraser, overwrites the deleted data to ensure there is no chance of recovering the files. 

Media Wiper: 

The Media Wiper in the application can be used to securely erase the entire contents of your USB storage devices like a Flash Drive, portable hard drive, or even a memory card. 


The Scheduler essentially is as the name implies a task scheduler, which will automatically run the cleaning task which you set at intervals which you specify (for e.g. every day, every week, or month), basically at any time and date which you set. 

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