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Sometimes it is difficult to ensure the privacy of our computers, even when you are the only user. When people visit you, or want to quickly borrow your computer for a minute, to check their email or something. 

But sometimes your friends or family, may notice some icon or the other, and out of their curiosity, they may open the file, and read the document, or view the picture, etc. This happens without your permission, and is not a real problem, when it is your friend or loved ones. 

What happens when a technician who came to fix your internet connection, or someone you don’t know personally, opens the documents or accesses your data. That is a serious invasion of privacy, and one which has to be addressed especially if you work in an environment, where other users could have access to your data. And technically there is another way for people to access your data, through your emails. If a hacker gets access to the mails, he can read the content in the attachments, etc. 

The best way to prevent such a breach in privacy, is to lock the files with a password. And the most reliable way for this, is to encrypt the files. We recommend using east-tec InvisibleSecrets for this, and here’s why we rate it so highly. 

east-tec InvisibleSecrets has a very simple interface, which makes using the application a very user-friendly experience. There are 6 tabs on the GUI. 

The first tab is the Hide Files, and Unhide Files and is used for digital Steganography. What it does is that it can hide your important documents or other files, and hide them as sound files and pictures. This is a great way to disguise important files, from the eyes of the hacker or the person who is trying to get your data. 

Click on the Hide Files option, and you will see that it opens a new window, which has 5 options. The Add Files button allows you to add some files to the program. You can enable the “compress before encryption/hide” option if you need the files to be smaller. There are two options for the after encryption/hide process, which can be enabled to delete the original file after the encryption is done, or to shred the files making them unrecoverable. 

You can remove the files which you added and start over anytime you want to. Once you are ready, click on next to select what kind of carrier file format the selected files should be in. You can choose from the JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML, or WAV formats.  The Carrier option needs to be selected for proceeding. Basically, what this does, is that it uses a selected profile to disguise the original file format, in to the format which you wanted to hide the file as. You can hide multiple documents or files in a single carrier file. 

The Fake Files option can be used (before you select the carrier), to create randomly generated files to distract the attacker, while the actual document is disguised in the format you selected earlier. 

east-tec InvisibleSecrets Coupon Code

The next step involves you setting a password for the files, which is crucial for the encryption process. Without this password, you cannot unlock the file, or read it. You can configure which encryption algorithm the program should use for the process, and you can choose between AES – Rijndael, Twofish, RC4, Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2, Sapphire II and Blowfish algorithms. 

There is a virtual keyboard built in east-tec InvisibleSecrets, and also a password manager which can be used to store your encryption passwords. Give the file a name, and click on Hide, to disguise your documents (or other files), as other files and prevent unauthorized access to the files. You can then email the file to your contact or send it via an FTP connection to your server, or explore the folder using File Explorer. 

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to using InvisibleSecrets, is that the recipient of the email, which contains the files which you encrypted, does not need to have the application installed on their machine to open the document. Isn’t that cool? 

Unhide Files follows a similar process, but it does the opposite, as in, you can use it to unhide a hidden encrypted file which you created. 

Next is the real Cryptography tool in east-tec InvisibleSecrets, Encrypt and Decrypt Files. This works almost the same way as Hide and Unhide, except you don’t hide the files, you just lock them securely with a strong encryption and a password. So, when someone sees the documents or files, and tries to access them, they can’t unlock it, because they don’t have the decryption key, which is the password. You can even encrypt entire folders using this module. 

Decryption works like Unhide. The interesting option here, is the Cryptboard which is essentially a Windows File Explorer Shell command, i.e., a context-menu option which you can use to add files which you want to encrypt. When you open east-tec Invisible Secrets, you can view the Cryptboard contents and take a security action like Hide/Unhide, Encrypt or Decrypt, in one-click of the mouse. 

The Shred Files option deletes the files which you select securely, by overwriting the deleted space, leaving no chances for recovering the files. The Destroy Internet Traces option can delete Internet Explorer’s cache, cookies, typed URLs, history, and recently used documents and applications. 

The Self Decrypting Package option creates an executable package with your files which the program encrypts before packing the EXE. This can then be sent to your contact via email, and they can decrypt the data by running the EXE, and just unlock the data by using the password. 

The IP to IP Password Transfer function, is a unique feature, which allows you to directly connect to another computer, using the IP address of your contact, and lets you share passwords in an encrypted way, instead of plain text. You can also use eas-tec Invisible Secrets to lock applications, which you don’t want other users to run, by locking them with a password. 

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