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Are you worried about the security of your data? First of all, you are absolutely correct to be concerned, and that is a good thing. It means you are aware of security risks which can result in data loss, or worse, data theft. 

You can prevent data loss quite easily. That can be fixed with a backup which you save locally or on to a cloud storage service? 

How do you secure your data from data theft? That is more complicated. The best way to ensure your data is truly yours, is by encrypting them. What this does is, it uses a security algorithm which essentially locks the files. They can only be unlocked with a password, and nobody else, even a skilled hacker can break the encryption and steal your information. In fact, the files won’t even open without the decryption key, which is the password. 

And this level of security, is possible, thanks to east-tec SafeBit. What can this software do? 

You may have used InvisibleSecrets, which is a file encryption utility from the same company. What is the difference between the two? While InvisibleSecrets can be used for encrypting files and folders, east-tec SafeBit can create virtual disks and the contents of these are all encrypted. The interface of east-tec SafeBit is quite simple, which is surprising given the level of secutity which the program offers. Initially, the start screen will offer just 2 options. You can create a new safe, or to mount or restore an existing safe. 

But what is a safe? As the name of the program implies, east-tec SafeBit is dealing with Safes. These safes are virtual disks, which the program creates for encrypting the content. Anything stored in these safes cannot be accessed without the decryption key. This key is unique to each Safe, and the Safe itself is an encrypted container file. Think of it like a box in which you want to put your important papers in and lock that with a secure key, the Safe is like that except it is a digital vault. 

east-tec SafeBit Coupon Code

Use the Create a Safe option, and give the safe a name, and optionally, a description.  You will need to set up a password for the safe, without which you cannot access the files. You can also save the password on a USB Flash drvie or memory stick, and use that as a USB key i.e., a password device. Next, you have to set the size of the Safe, in MB (megabytes), and a drive letter (like D:, E, etc), which will be visible in Windows File Explorer. You can set the program to automatically open at Windows startup if you want. 

Once you have created the Safe, you can start using the virtual disk by restarting the application. What you see in the screenshot above, is the main screen of the east-tec SafeBit’s interface. There are 7 tabs in the GUI’s side bar. The right pane displays the content, according to the tab which you select. 

The first tab is the New Safe, which is basically what we just explained. The second tab is Open Safe, which you can use to access a Safe which you have created. To do so, you will need to input the password which you set when creating the safe. This opens Windows File Explorer, using which you can browse to the location of the folder where you created the Safe.  You can use this to store your important files in securely, and other users or viruses, malware, etc, cannot access the data in the Safe. Right-clicking on the Safe in the east-tec SafeBit interface, allows you edit or view the Properties of the Safe. 

This can be useful if you want to change the password, or resize the safe, move or change the container. You can also backup the Safe or Destroy the Safe from the properties. In addition to this, you can also enable read only mode from the Properties window. 

The Open Safe will list all the Safes which you have created using the application. You can also see the current status, whether it is closed or open. The Drive letter, drive size, and the date and time when the drive was last opened are also displayed on the Open Safe screen. The Close Safe option can be used to exit the Safe which you have currently selected, while the Close All option will shut off all open Safes. The Destroy Safe option will delete the safe which you select and all of its contents. Please keep in mind that there is absolutely no way to recover the data in the Safe, once you choose this option. 

The Backup Safe option allows you to save a copy of the Safe which you created using east-tec SafeBit. You can save the backups on to another hard drive or any folder of your choice. Don’t worry, the backup copy of the Safe will still be protected and encrypted like the regular copy of the Safe, which you will normally use. The advantage in having backup copies is that, in case your hard drive fails, you won’t lose the Safe and the data which you stored in it. 

The best part about having an encrypted Safe as opposed to per-file encryption, is that the Safe has on-the-fly disk encryption. And the fact that the entire drive is hidden from view during regular use, so other users can’t access the disk is truly priceless. 

You can share the encrypted Safes, via email, cloud storage services, or even carry it on a USB flash drive. east-tec SafeBit uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm, which is the standard used by many Governments. 

SafeBit is without a doubt, the most user-friendly encryption software we have used, and can easily recommend it for you. 

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