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Unfortunately, the best and perfect antivirus application does not exist and it is more than probable that your default installed program does not detect malware and your computer will be infected with viruses.

In this case the only reliable solution for disinfecting and cleaning the system is special antivirus scanners which will help you to remove malicious threats and restore the system performance. Emsisoft Emergency Kit belongs to such kind of scanners and it is rightly considered one of the best portable antivirus scanners.

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a great free antivirus scanner on demand. Of course, it does not provide real time protection of the computer but it clearly shows all those viruses that your default installed antivirus application cannot detect and disinfect.

Thanks to two high-quality antivirus engines- Bitdefender and Emsisoft, the program offers the highest level of signature based detection of any types of malware.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a fully portable application and it does not require installation. All you need to do is to unpack the downloaded file into the folder of your choice and immediately start scanning the computer for viruses. The program is compatible with any antivirus applications and it allows you to detect and clean any types of malware including viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, worms, and a lot of others.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is very easy to use and it can be used both by unexperienced and professional users because it is offered in a standard user interface and as a commandline scanner. You can even transfer the content of unpacked file to the USB flash drive and use for cleaning any effected computer directly from it.

After scanning the system, detecting viruses and cleaning them, you can completely remove the application or save it for carrying out the future system scans.

Of course, Emsisoft Emergency Kit can be used without the Internet connection because it contains all required components for cleaning the system, but it is highly recommended to update the program before scanning the computer and download the latest virus signature database.

Scan Methods- there are three powerful scan methods at your disposal for scanning and cleaning the infected computer- Quick scan, Malware scan and Custom scan.

The main advantage of this antivirus scanner is that the scan process is very fast (as a rule no more than two minutes) on the one hand and the highest level of malware detection (the application can find and clean any types of malware) on the other hand. You can easily choose the most appropriate and convenient scan methods for you.

Quick scan method allows you to perform the fastest scan of the system for viruses. With the help of it you can find and disinfect viruses in those areas of the computer which are highly vulnerable to infection. The program will thoroughly analyze all active processes and malware traces.

Malware Scan allows you to perform the most advanced and thorough scan of the system. During this scan Emsisoft Emergency Kit will analyze the entire system. The scanning process is a bit longer as compared with the Quick scan but it is more comprehensive and complete. With the help of it you can find and disinfect any virus types with just one click of the mouse.

You have the possibility not only to scan the system but also configure some scanning parameters before starting the scan. Emsisoft Emergency Kit allows you specify performance settings (i.e. you have the possibility to choose processors for scan, the number of threads and scan thread priority) and create and manage so called Whitelist (i.e. in other words, you can select those files, folders and processes which will be excluded during the scan).

If you do not need to scan the entire computer and only some specific files, folders, applications, processes, and so on, you can take full advantage of Custom scan offered by the program.

This scan method allows you to choose any disk, portable media or folder to scan, specify scan objects (for example, you can scan for rootkits, memory items and malware traces) on the other hand and configure some advanced settings (for example, detection of potentially unwanted programs, scanning in compressed archives or NTFS alternate data streams) on the other hand.

In addition, you can also select file extension to scan by using a special extension filter. You can manually specify the desired file extensions for scanning.

The scan process is performed in real time, i.e. you can view the number of scanned, detected and cleaned items. On scan completion Emsisoft Emergency Kit the program will display the fullest results. You can remove detected threats immediately or move them to the quarantine list. In addition, the program also allows you to submit files to Emsisoft team for further analysis.

All performed actions can be viewed in Logs section which provides you with the detailed reports about scans, quarantine items and updates. All these logs can be exported as a text file and saved.

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