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Android is the most popular and most widely used operating system in the world for mobile devices but, unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable, too. Hackers can easily access your smartphones through holes in the system and steal private and confidential details, for example, SMS messages, credit card numbers, and so on.

So, taking into consideration these security threats, it is very important to protect mobile devices from viruses and data theft. There are a lot of advanced and comprehensive mobile applications on the Android software market and Emsisoft Mobile Security is one of the best among them.

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Emsisoft Mobile Security is specially designed to provide reliable and high-quality protection for your Android smartphone and tablet from all types of mobile threats and it includes all necessary functions and components with minimal impact on the system and the mobile device battery.

This application is very easy to use on the one hand and provides you with a lot of features required for thorough protection of your mobile device on the other had. Emsisoft Mobile Security includes the following features and tools

Malware Scanner (it allows you to keep your mobile device free from any type of malware in real time and helps you to perform thorough scan of your system and detect and clean any type of mobile viruses),

Web Security (with the help of this protection module you can protect the system against web threats by blocking dangerous and malicious websites),

App Lock (thanks to this feature you can effectively control all your installed apps and block unauthorized access to them),

Privacy Advisor (this feature allows you to scan all your installed applications and define some security rules for them),

Anti-Theft (this tool allows you to remotely lock access to device and erase all data on it if it is lost or stolen) and Event Viewer (this feature provides you with comprehensive info about each action performed by the application).

Malware Scanner- Emsisoft Mobile Security provides you with real time protection and it automatically scans any downloaded and installed applications to avoid installing malicious programs on your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to using advanced cloud technologies and two comprehensive antivirus engines- Bitdefender and Emsisoft, the application constantly monitors any changes and protects your Android device against the latest threats and malware. You can start the system scan manually at any time and check it for viruses.

The main advantage of the application is that the scan time is very fast, no more than 10 seconds. On scan completion, Emsisoft Mobile Security will give you the detailed report about found and detected threats and you will be able to remove them from your device immediately or simply ignore them.

Web Security- mobile devices offer very convenient ways to access the Internet and get a lot of useful info from there. Emsisoft Mobile Security includes a special tool Web Security which allows you to protect your Android device against web threats.

With the help of this tool you have the possibility to protect the system against malicious and suspicious websites in real time, for example, phishing or fraudulent websites which try to obtain your confidential info. Thanks to the application your online activity will be safe, secure and enjoyable.

App Lock- as a rule every smartphone and tablet owner has got a lot of applications installed on the mobile devices which they use on daily basis. If you want to keep your apps away from unauthorized use, you can take full advantage of this tool offered by Emsisoft Mobile Security.

It displays a full list of all installed applications and allows you to select those apps which you want to protect from unauthorized launch and use by applying the strongest password. So only you and nobody else will be able to run these applications.

I think that it is very useful tool because with the help of it you can protect, for example, banking applications, personal photos and any other personal apps which provide access to personal data.

Privacy Advisor- a lot of apps installed on your mobile devices have got direct access to the Internet. Of course, this is very dangerous for your personal info because they can transfer via internet, for example, details about your location, and so on.

With the help of this tool you can effectively and reliably control every installed app. Privacy Advisor provides you with thorough info about each app and informs you about their security risks and reliability.

Thanks to this feature you can set up some rules for each app, for example, block permission to read SMS or call history, and so on. So, thanks to this tool you will be always informed about privacy danger and block any suspicious actions.

Anti-Theft- lost your phone? Do not worry! Emsisoft Mobile Security helps you to erase any confidential data on it via its web portal and block it. This is the best way to ensure that your sensitive data will never fall into the wrong hands.

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