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If you ever wanted a desktop or laptop running optimally without dozens of programs messing up the Windows registry and choking up system resources, then File Viewer Plus may just be the solution for you. With the uncanny ability to open over 300 types of video, audio, image, document, and other miscellaneous file formats, you won’t ever need to install additional programs when you come across a new type of file. File Viewer Plus doesn’t just open files; it also features built-in functionality that lets you edit and convert files, making it an awesome application to have on your computer.

Intuitive User Interface

File Viewer Plus features a simple, yet intuitive user interface that adapts automatically depending on the type of file that you open. Whenever you want to view the contents of a file, you can simply drag and drop the item onto the user interface, and File Viewer Plus opens it automatically for you without any further input or configuration on your part. When you drag in a file, the user interface changes to accommodate the format — navigation tools for PDFs, editing features for DOCX files, playback buttons for videos, viewing modes for images, etc. A dedicated side-panel displays additional information about any file that’s currently open in File Viewer Plus, allowing you to gain more insight about it — file type, size, format, media codec, duration, author, format popularity, category, etc.

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Supported File Types

According to the developers of File Viewer Plus, the application supports over 300+ variants of nearly any file category that you can think of, be it documents, videos, music, email, compressed files, camera raws, images, etc. Since File Viewer Plus adjusts dynamically according to the type of file format that you open, you won’t ever feel that you are using the same application all the time. For example, you can open and view PDFs, watch videos, listen to music, and perform a range of other activities just like you would normally do with any application dedicated to the file format. If the file that you want to open isn’t supported by File Viewer Plus — this can happen rarely — you can still view the content within the file by switching to the additional Text and Hex views built into the application.

Editing Documents

Despite its name, File Viewer Plus isn’t just limited to simply opening files for viewing; it in fact features an unprecedented level of support when it comes editing documents, be it text files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slideshows, or any other type of document created by productivity suites such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. When editing a text document, for example, you are presented with an array of editing options, where you can select fonts and font sizes, bold and underline text, add bullets and numbering, etc. When it comes to spreadsheets, you can actively switch between available pages, add and remove cells, freeze panes, insert functions, etc. The same goes for slideshow files, where you are presented with multiple editing features that let you modify your slideshows to however you see fit.

Enhancing Images

In addition to the file opening and document editing functionalities present in File Viewer Plus, the application also provides multiple image editing tools that you can use whenever you want to enhance the look and feel of your images. Do you need to crop your images to a specific size? You can do that. Want to resize images to another resolution? File Viewer Plus’s got you covered. Want to cut out a part of an image? Just takes a few seconds. In addition to all the cutting, cropping, and resizing options present, File Viewer Plus also features various special effects that you can insert to instantly enhance your images — you can select from between multiple pre-set effects — Vintage, Leather, Flare, Liquid Metal, etc. — or you can modify image values directly to get desired results — bump maps, lens, wave, etc.

Converting Files

You would be surprised at what comes up next; full-fledged conversion functionality for all your files. Want to convert a Word document to work on your favorite PDF viewer? Just select “PDF” while saving the file, and File Viewer Plus performs the conversion automatically. Do you need to convert an OpenOffice generated presentation to work on Microsoft PowerPoint? Just takes a few seconds to save it in the PPTX format. Want to convert an MP4 video to the FLV format? You can do that as well, where the application presents additional options that you can use to select from higher or lower output resolutions. If you have dozens of files that you want converted, you don’t have to waste time doing them individually, since the integrated Batch Converter option takes care of that issue in an instant.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of features present in File Viewer Plus is simply unparalleled for an application claiming to a universal file viewer. In addition to supporting well over 300 different file formats, you aren’t left behind when you want to perform any editing jobs on text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and images, where you are presented with an array of tools that make you feel right at home. Not just that, but built-in file conversion functionality definitely puts File Viewer Plus as one of the finest universal file viewers currently available.