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Reading is a real joy. Be it on a rainy day or a winter day, when you want to cozy up with a blanket, some snacks, or a hot cup of coffee,  there is no match for reading a book. Is there?

But most people nowadays, don’t read as many books as they used to. Until the arrival of the eBook format of course. PDFs have been around for a good 20 years or so, but their usage has shot up recently, over the years, since the evolution of smartphones, and e-ink readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, and tablets like the Apple iPad. Even office documents can be interesting to read while on real paper.

FlippingBook Publisher Coupon Code

But, even though these touch screen enabled devices, may offer to store unlimited books in their storage, something is missing, isn’t it. They don’t offer the proper  experience, which you get from reading a real book. Especially, the feeling when you turn pages over, and read the next.  That is missing on most devices. There are a few apps which offer such transition effects but these are usually either restricted to the device, or the platform, i.e., the operating system which the device uses. So, if you want a similar experience on other devices you own, you will need to find another app.

This is all such a big hassle, isn’t there a proper way to read eBooks on all your devices with a similar transition. This is possible, thanks to FlippingBook Publisher, a software which allows you to convert your static PDFs, into interactive HTML5 flipbooks.  Interaction means more engagement, which is what you want from your reader. To get their attention, and offer them an immersive experience. The best part is that your audience, do not have to download a PDF on their device. They can read the book, right from their browser. And this means searching for an extra app to use too, that’s great isn’t it?

You must never download PDF documents from unknown senders, as it may contain malware. By avoiding PDFs and going with HTML5, you have another great advantage, when using FlippingBook Publisher.

Let us explain what Flippingbook Publisher can do. Beginning with the GUI, we can tell you that Flippingbook Publisher has a very easy to use interface. The first time you open the application you will be greeted by a Quick Start screen, with user friendly options to add your PDF to be converted by the program.

FlippingBook Publisher Coupon Code

To import files to Flippingbook, all you need to do is to click the Import Files button, and select the PDF documents which you wish to add. Alternatively, you can also simply drag and drop the PDFs to the window, and the software will import it.

You can create a new project or open an existing one, from the left sidebar. The file menu can also be used for the same. PDF files which are imported, contain all of their original formatting, which includes links, table of contents, full text search, etc.

FlippingBook Publisher will automatically recognize the kind of file you want to import, and suggest the best settings. This applies to images as well, and you can choose to delete some of the selected ones, or import them all.

Images are converted by FlippingBook Publisher, to a modern publication format, and you can choose from many available import profiles, and presets. The program also offers you control over choosing the quality of the picture, the size, etc, so you can choose what suits your book best.

Once you are done selecting the content you wish ti import, you can click on the Start button, which will begin the extraction and convertion process to a HTML 5 e-publication. The best part is that this process automatically optimizes the pages for mobile devices, PCs, and other screens.

You can preview the digital publication, in the Publisher window of the program. Here, you will find more options to customize the book, and publish it. FlippingBook Publisher has a lot of themes built in, which you can use for your publication. These skins are customizable too.

You can edit the Publication name, security, set the colors, zoom properties, etc, using the Main settings under the property tab. The Publication Contents menu allows you to customize the options in the UI such as the top bar, zoom bar, fullscreen view, sound, thumbnails, etc,. The Branding settings allows you to set a background logo, favicon, copyright button and text (for watermarking), and add URLs for both the copyright button and the logo.

One thing which amused me as a bookworm, was the fact that you can move back a page or forward by clicking on any of the four corners in the FlippingBook. This makes it readable like a real book, and it is not something which you can get with other software.  You can save Microsoft Office Documents into PDFs, by exporting them, and then import them to FlippingBook Publisher, to create an interactive HTML 5 document.

The Pages tab lists all the pages available in the publication. It is also called as the page browser. The table of contents can be used for adding an index of sorts for easily navigating through the publication. You can store the finished document complete with rich content like pictures, links, videos, etc on the FlippingBook Cloud, storage service. FlippingBook offers free mobile apps, which allows you and your audience to read the books you publish with the desktop software, on your smartphone.

There is a free trial version of FlippingBook Publisher available, with limitations. You can only import up to 10 pages, and each of those will be watermarked. The copyright button cannot be deleted or edited. The full version has no such restrictions. Do note that while the Flippingbook Publisher software comes with a lifetime license, the cloud storage options are not free, and are available via subscriptions.

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