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Downloading files has become a day to day task for most of us. From cute cat pictures, animated GIFs, to videos, and MP3 music, we end up downloading a lot of content during our daily browsing sessions.

This of course also applies to a work environment, where we have to download attachments which our co-workers send to us over emails. Usually most internet users simply use the browser to download the files, because they feel that a third party app is unnecessary.

This is only partially true. Do you know why? Imagine downloading a large file, and your internet connection goes down for a split second. The download is likely to be interuppted, and in the majority of cases, these partial downloads cannot be resumed.

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So you end up with a broken download, which also wasted your precious data bandwidth. This can also occur when you are downloading a file in the background, and browsing the internet.

What we have observed is that this issue is mostly affecting web browsers. Some browsers do not even have the option to restart a download, let alone resume them, and you just see a message which says download stopped or canceled.

How do you solve this problem? The best solution is of course, to use a download manager app. These dedicated apps are designed for one purpose, i.e., downloading files, and they sure excel at it.

But which one should you use? There are plenty of choices when it comes to download managers, but the very best one we have used on Macs, is Folx Pro.

It is from the same guys who developed Sync for Mac. Let’s take a look at what Folx Pro has to offer.The GUI of Folx Pro is simplistic. It consists of three sections. An address bar, a main window and a sidebar.

The address bar of Folx Pro has multiple uses. You can enter a URL into it, to start the download of the file directly.

Once the download window appears you can select the folder where the file should be saved, the number of threads (parts of the file), the filename, etc. Folx Pro lets you split files to 10 threads, and the higher the number of threads, the faster the download will complete.

Folx Pro comes with browser extensions or plugins as you may call them, and supports Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. This allows the download manager to integrate itself to your browser and download files directly using the app.

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You can also use input a keyword into the bar to search for torrents. Yes, Folx Pro is a download manager and a torrent client combined into a single app. How cool is that? Very often, we have to use peer to peer downloads for accessing files provided by some services like Podcasts and educational content.

Humble Bundle for one, allows you to download all the content which you have purchased on its store via torrents (Music, Comics, eBooks, Games, etc). You can either use torrent links, or add magnet URLs which are more common nowadays, and Folx Pro can detect either format and download the files for you.

If you want to upload a file for your friends to download, you can create a torrent directly from Folx Pro’s UI.

The main window of Folx Pro is where the ongoing downloads will be displayed. Hit the pause button to stop a download temporarily, and hit it again to resume the file download. It also displays the date, time when you added the download to the queue, along with the file name, file size, and the current download speed as well.

The sidebar on the right displays the tags of the downloaded files. By default the app does add some tags based on the file extension of the content you are downloading. This is useful for searching the files you download. You can manually add tags to files when you begin downloading the file. When you want to search for a tag, simply use the url bar and enter the word to make your query. You can add multiple tags to a file, so it is easier for you to search for them.

Folx Pro lets you schedule downloads to automatically start them at a particular time. You can even select an action to be performed, when the download is completed. Folx Pro can exit itself, switch the Mac to sleep mode, or shut it down entirely.

There is a free version of Folx available from the official website, which you can try before upgrading to the pro version. The free version has limited features, but should give you a nice idea of what you are getting.

You can set Folx Pro to set the speed limit of downloads automatically, for optimizing the web traffic of your internet connection.

Folx Pro comes with a very cool feature which Mac users will love, iTunes integration. The app will connect to your store account to create playlists automatically, based on the music and video files you haved downloaded using Folx. The created playlists have tags which you have assigned to your downloads.

Folx Pro also allows you to download videos from YouTube. And you can even select the format for the video you want to download. These can be scheduled to be downloaded at a later time too.

If you are downloading files from a server which requires you to enter your account information (username and password), you can enter the login info in Folx Pro, to let the app authenticate your file downloads from the website. The same also works with FTP and HTTP websites as well.

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