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Nothing beats looking at old photos, and reliving memories of our past, which make a smile appear on our faces. It is pure nostalgia.

Except perhaps, meeting your old friends again. Think about it, you are sitting at work, having a busy day, and you get an email inviting you for an oppurtunity to meet your old classmates at a School or College reunion.

What about treasuring the moment of meetoing your friends after all these years? You shouldn’t forget to pack that camera in your bag, but it is ok if you just plan to use your smartphone’s built in camera too.

Franzis BLACK & WHITE Projects Coupon code

Want to lighten or darken the images? Use the exposure bracketing option to take multiple copies of the photo, each with a different lighting conditions.

You can make the photos you take even more special by adding some cool effects. Of course funny captions, and filters are good, but if you want to frame that photo up and hang it next to your old original school photo, you probably want a really special photo.

How about a photo with a black and white effect? Some smartphone apps do let you take such photos, but most of them don’t have the option to take a color photo and a black and white one simultaneously.

Let’s say you take a picture of your friend cutting his birthday cake at the reunion party, and all of your friends are beside him. You will probably want this photo in color, but you can use a software to completely decolorize the image, adding a vintage look to it.

And this isn’t limited to people, you can also add a similar effect with places such as your office, school, a park, or even your street, or even trees, pets, cars etc.

So how do you do this? Do you need special skills or some hardware? Nope. It’s quite simple, all you need is a PC or MAC and use an application called BLACK & WHITE Projects. This is another piece of excellence from Franzis Software. Let’s see what the program has to offer.

The interface of the program is clean, pleasant looking, and distraction free, just like all the other software in the “PROJECTS” lineup. This similarity in the design across the products make it very easy to use any of the applications.

The first thing you would want to do, is to load an image to be converted to a Black and White one. To do this, fire up the File menu and hit the load image option. The program supports over 30 different formats (and sub formats). This includes support for RAW images taken using advanced cameras (DSLRs, enhanced smartphone cameras). You also have an image data browser, which is kind of like a media library for your photos, and then allows you to add pictures from it to be edited.

You can save edited images as projects (.blackwhiteProject), and later work on them. Once you are finished with it, you can save the final image as a TIF, TIFF, PNG, JPG and JP2 photo. You can even use the program to open the image in another photo viewer program including Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The edit menu allows you to edit the image using two options: RAW Processing and Post Processing.

The Post Processing options are basically filters, a ton of them in fact. The program chooses the best one for you and places it on the top of the sidebar. You can switch to any of the other filters simply by clicking on them. Doing so will display the selected preset’s effect in the main window. You can make use of the sidebar, to alter the controlsquite a bit.

Go over to the right sidebar, and it will offer you more. Hit the Finalise options for a set of options including Point of Interest, Greyscale conversion, Photo Film Emulation, Optimisation Assistant and more. Want even more controls? The expert mode has more controls than you probably imagined, and ensures you can finetune the image to a great extent.

The view menu is very useful if you like to view the metadata information such as the Exif info, and the Full Screen picture viewer is quite handy. The toolbar icons which you can see just below the the main editor has a lot of shortcuts, such as histogram, panorama view, compare window, etc, which are useful.

We decided to put BLACK & WHITE Projects to the test, and used the following photo which we took recently.

Franzis BLACK & WHITE Projects Promo code

And it made it looked like it was taken 50 years ago, with a superb vintage look. Check the image we featured at the top of the article.

Buy BLACK & WHITE Projects at an inexpensive price, with our exclusive discount code. A pinch of nostalgia and a dash of joy can be added to a photo to make it vintage quality.