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Photos play a very important part in our lives. Birthdays, weddings, office celebrations, personal achievements, be it whatever, photos make such occasions immortal, and act as a time traveling, means of nostalgia, when we take a look at them after years have gone by.

Of course, there are a lot of factors which play role in the quality of a photo. The lighting, the camera, and even your photography skills. But not every one thinks about these while clicking pictures. They just point their camera, which basically is your smartphone, rely on autofocus and snap the photo.

And sometimes, the end result can be very poor, a dull, poorly saturated (color wise) image. So, what makes a photo a good photo? And what makes it great?

The answer is quite simple, you need to edit the image. And for this, we can recommend COLOR Projects Professional, from the house of Franzis software.

Let’s take a look at the features it offers, and what better way to begin, than with the interface of the application.

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The GUI is quite simple, and yet very well designed. There are three main areas in COLOR Projects, a toolbar, sidebar panels (depending on which feature you are using) and a main photo viewer.

You can load any image to wish to edit using the file menu, and any edits you make to the picture can be saved as a Project file, in the proprietary .colorProject format. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to use it in other programs. Any project can be saved as one of the following formats: TIF(8-bit), TIFF, PNG, JPG and JP2, and the latter three are 16-bit formats.

The history viewer is also useful, as it displays the images which you have previously loaded using the program, and also the projects you have worked with. I guess you could say it is sort of a view recent files option.

If you want more copies of the same photo to work with, you can choose the create exposure bracketing, which allows you to create a few copies of the photo each with a different exposure (light values), so you get brighter and darjer images of the same picture.

Just like in the other Franzis software, you have the RAW Processing and Post Processing options available to you from the Edit menu of COLOR Projects. Enabling the latter brings the sidebar panels, which offer a plethora of filters in the form of presets. Choose any of them and it will change the photo’s effect almost instantly allowing you to quickly shift through any others you want to.

By default, the application does have the best preset selected and it is placed at the very top of the sidebar, so you might find it very useful. You can set your own set of values too, and import or export the custom preset. To change the values, you can use the sidebar’s controls.

The right sidebar houses a magnifying glass icon, which also has a dual image preview one with the original image, and one with the filter effects applied to it. Below the option are some settings for adjusting the Point of Interest, Intelligent Color Space, Photo Film Emulation, Optimisation Assistant and more. These are the options under “Finalise”.

Switch to the expert mode, to get finer controls for the above mentioned settings, including a ton of Post Processing filters.

The toolbar above the main editor is host to a lot of useful shortcuts, such as histogram, panorama view, compare window and more.

You can access the Exif information of the picture, with all of its metadata from the View menu, and also switch to the Full Screen picture viewer.

We decided to see if the application could improve the look of an already good picture, and we can say that it did the job very well. The photo below of the plant, looks great, but it is not natural, even though there is not much noise in it. The colors are a bit darker, than the original lighting condition actually was.

franzis COLOR Projects Professional Coupon

And just take a look at how COLOR Projects Professional transformed it into a great photo (the image is featured at the very top of the article). It looks very colorful and bright and yet natural.

Images that you load using the program can be opened in external programs, and COLOR Projects does support Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Yes, COLOR Projects has plugins for these professional image editors, which you can use in these programs.

Buy COLOR Projects Professional at a very low price, with our exclusive discount code. Don’t delete that dull photo just yet. Try COLOR Projects Professional and you can make it a priceless one. And the application works on both Mac and Windows.

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